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Three Must Try DIY Christmas Decorations

If you’re looking to add some new Christmas decorations to your collection or simply want to create a nice gift for a friend, look no further. Today, we have three fantastic DIY Christmas decorations that you can make using items from Rural King. Follow our step by step instructions and learn how to create rustic, Mason jar lid ornaments, a hardware cloth Christmas tree, and light up Christmas gifts.

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Pros & Cons of Raising Free Range Chickens

Trying to decide whether or not to raise free-ranging chickens can be tough. We’ve all heard that chickens benefit from free-ranging, but there are also reasons to keep your chickens confined. The chicken experts at Nutrena have provided us with pros and cons of raising free-range chickens to help you make the choice that is right for you and your birds. After reading, you will have a better idea if you have enough space for free range chickens and some of the reasons your chickens might be happier within their coop and run.

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Use Leaves and Wood Ash for Your Farm and Garden

When fall is in full swing, there are piles of leaves on the ground and plenty of logs on the fire. Most of us just rake everything up and kick it to the curb, but you could be using leaves and firewood ash on your homestead. You know what they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” so learn the many creative uses for your leaves and ash before you just throw them all away!

  leaves in bags ready for pick up

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The Deep Fried Turkey Guide

The holidays are the perfect time to visit friends and family. It’s also the best time for great food. My family makes a turkey and a ham for every holiday, so for Christmas, we will be deep frying a turkey. Rural King recently had a live video demonstrating how our grilling experts deep fry their birds. We will go over how they prepped, cooked, and carved their turkey. Plus, we’ll give you some deep frying safety tips so you can deep fry a delicious turkey safely. Christmas turkey dinner served with veggies

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Treat Your Pet: Creative Homemade Pet Treats

If you’re a pet owner, I bet you spoil your pet with toys, clothes, bed, and treats. You can create your own special treats for your cat or dog at home with only a few ingredients. Your pets will love homemade treats, and there are health benefits as well because you are controlling everything that goes in each bite; No additives. No extras. Just nutritious pet treats. Below are a few fantastic pet-safe treat recipes that you can make for your pet’s birthday, a special occasion, or to just spoil your four-legged friend even more than you already do!

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