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Loyall Life: Seven Steps to a Longer Life for Your Pet

You love your pet, and no other retailer loves your pet more than Rural King. We’ve partnered with Nutrena®, makers of Loyall Life® Super Premium pet foods, to bring you seven important tips to keep your pet happy and healthy. As your pet grows, new challenges will arise. Be prepared with our seven steps to a longer life for your pet.

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Choosing the Best Concealed Carry Handgun for You

There is much more to choosing a personal defense firearm than the way the gun looks. Not all handguns are recommended for concealed carry, and not all guns will be right for you. We recommend taking your thoughts away from price and aesthetics for a moment and checking our tips for choosing a handgun that is comfortable enough for you to carry every day.

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RK74PSC: The Newest Addition to the RK Tractors Family

Rural King is proud to announce the newest addition to the RK Tractors family, the RK74PSC. The RK74PSC (Power Shuttle Cab) is a quality, utility tractor designed with the farmer in mind. Keeping with our slogan, More Tractor. Less Price.™, our newest RK Tractors model is comparable to other top-rated tractors in its class and ready to get started helping with jobs on the farm. Read on for details on the RK74PSC and everything that goes into our new favorite piece of power equipment.

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Black Friday Now: Get Black Friday Deals Early

Rural King is working hard to find the best deals for Black Friday, and we have found a TON of great gift ideas and awesome Special Buys. In fact, we have so many awesome deals, we couldn’t wait to share them with our customers. That’s why we created Black Friday Now! Find out what this event is all about and how you can learn about the sweetest Black Friday deals as soon as they hit your local Rural King store.

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diy birdseed ornaments

Simple DIY Birdseed Ornaments: Feed the Birds!

Fall and Winter can be rough times for wild birds in your area. Some struggle to find food, so it’s a great idea to set out bird feeders, suet cakes & balls, and these awesome DIY Birdseed Ornaments. They are easy and cheap to make. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy watching plenty of colorful, feathery friends throughout the cold months.

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