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Mixing Gas for 2 Cycle Engines

If you are like a lot of people living in the suburbs or on a farm or lifestyle block, you probably have several 2 cycle engines such as a weed eater, chainsaw, blower, etc. Most of these engines take different mixtures 1/50, 1/32 etc. All the instructions tell how to mix one gallon, however, you usually only need a tank or two at a time, and a gallon will go bad before it is used up. Nobody needs several gallons of bad gas mixed at different ratios; the solution is to mix a tank at a time.


Always stabilize your gas before you start. It will keep the gas fresh for longer periods of time and protect your engines from gumming up. One example is STA-BIL, however, there are many others available.


Sta-Bil Concentrated Fuel Stabilizer 32 oz. 22214

SKU: 090180383


Use a measuring device for small amounts, 2oz- 1oz- 1/2 oz and 1/4 oz. There are many available.  You will also need small mixing containers, 12 gallon (1.9 L) and quart measuring cups will take care of most of your needs.

Norpro, 2 Cup Plastic Measuring Cup 3036

SKU: 006232160


If your engine calls for a 1/32 mixture that is 1 oz of oil to 32 oz of gas, or 1/2oz of oil to 16oz of gas, or 1/4 oz oil to 8 oz. gas, mix only what you need at the time.


Find a piece of cardboard or plywood and list all your equipment on it.Include the ratios that they require, and the recipe for a tank of gas. Put this on the garage wall; this will keep you from looking up the manual each time you use it.

*DIY Hand Scrub*

This dry winter weather is just drying my hands out like crazy!! I have been looking for an easy and inexpensive DIY hand scrub and stumbled across this one. Using this 1-2 times a day has helped my dry hands smooth right out!

What you will need:

-Dawn brand Olay hand renewal dish soap

- Sugar

- Mason Jar

- Butter knife or spoon (I find the butter knife works best)

ball_mason_jares_60000   sugar

What to do:

-Fill your Mason jar ¾ of the way full with your sugar

-Now you can add the dish soap leaving a little extra room at the top (you will need to add a little extra sugar after stirring)

-Stir the sugar and soap together at this time and if more sugar is needed continue to add it as you go until you get a pasty consistency.

- You are ready to use the hand scrub!! I would recommend using 1-2 times daily, for me I use it once in the AM and once before bed.

hand scrub    hadn scrub 2

The pretty pink color would make this a great Valentine’s Day gift for next month! You can jazz the jar up with some ribbon or labels for any occasion really.

Got Bees?! Love Honey?!

Our number 1 Seller for bees and bees accessories is Harvest Lane Honey!

Harvest lane

Beekeeping is a safe, fun, and rewarding experience that can be a hobby, or a way of life. With the simple, all-in-one kit, you can begin your beekeeping opportunity the moment the bees arrive.

One of many great products of Harvest Lane Honey is the Harvest Lane Honey Backyard Beekeeping Kit. Which includes the following

outer cover, inner cover, (2) deep hive bodies, with (20) Frames assembled with plastic foundation, (1) Medium Honey Super, (10) Medium Honey super Frames assembled with Plastic Foundation bottom board, (1) Metal Queen Excluder, entrance reducer, in hive feeder, 3×6 smoker, 1 lb bag smoker fuel, 9.5″ steel hive tool, and bee brush. Includes a Full Bee Suit and Beekeeping Gloves. 100% Painted & Assembled and ready to go. The best most complete kit they have.

Harvest lane

Beekeepers reap countless benefits from their hives, including relaxation, garden support, self-reliance, and the environmental advantages of supporting endangered pollinators. And let’s not forget the sweetest reward: fresh, organic, home-crafted honey!

Bees are kept comfortably almost anywhere, even on balconies in the middle of big cities. If you are conscientious about placement, beekeeping is safe and simple in any setting. With the proper tools and care, your bees and your family (even your pets) can co-exist perfectly.

So if you enjoy the sun and being outside and want to pick up a new hobby, why not have your own garden full of honey?!

Hey its 2015! lets try something different. :)

If you would like more info on Harvest Lane Honey please check out our HUGE selection at

If you want to learn more about Beekeeping and find yourself intrigued please do not hesitate to check out Harvest Lane Honey website

Diesel Fuel Treatments

Are you looking for a way to prevent fuel-filters from freezing? Are you looking for a way to extend the life of your fuel injection pumps and fuel injector? Are you looking for a way to make fuel last up to three times longer?

If you answered yes to one or all of the questions above then we have the right products for you. Rural King carries multiple different fuel additives that can get the job done for you year round!


How to Deice Frozen Fuel Filters

Water is dissolved in and carried by all diesel fuels. At temperatures below +32°F, water that has collected in fuel-filters freezes. This causes decreased fuel flow to the engine and results in reduced engine power or engine shutdown.

To de-ice frozen fuel-filters, check to insure that diesel fuel in the equipment fuel tanks is not gelled. If fuel is liquid:

  • 1. Remove fuel-filters.
  • 2. Empty remaining liquid from fuel-filters.
  • 3. Fill fuel-filters with 50% Diesel 9•1•1® and 50% diesel fuel.
  • 4. Re-install fuel-filters.
  • 5. Start engine.
  • 6. If outside temperature is below +20°F, add Power Service Diesel Fuel Supplement® +Cetane Boost® as directed to prevent further gelling.


Here is a list of some of the products below:

079790008_1Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Treatment 16oz.

howes_diesel_fuel_treatment_w_anti-gel_103060Howes 1/2 gal. Diesel Fuel Treatment with Anti-Gel 103060

power_service_911_diesel_fuel_supplement_treatment_8080Power Service 911 Diesel Fuel Supplement                                                                                                        Treatment 2-1/2 Quart 8080

090181023_1Power Service Diesel Fuel Supplement Treatment                                                                                                             80oz 01080-06

090180642_1Power Service 911 Diesel Fuel Supplement                                                                                                              Treatment Quart 8025


*Remember: Always store at room temperature*