Hummingbird Feeder Nectar Recipe

This is for all those bird watchers out there. If this is something you like to do as a hobby or just like sitting on your porch I imagine that one of you favorite birds is the hummingbird. If you are new to this the best way to attract them is putting out humming bird feeders. The sweet smell will attract them and have them buzzing all over your yard. Stop by Rural King and pick up a feeder and try this homemade recipe.

Homemade hummingbird nectar recipe instructions:

1 part regular white sugar to 4 parts water.
Example: 1 cup sugar, 4 cups water

1. Boil the water.
2. Add sugar and stir until dissolved.
3. Let cool.
4. Refrigerate in a designated hummingbird feeder pitcher.

Using a microwave works too. Put the water in a microwave safe container and heat to boiling point. Carefully remove and add sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. I fill my clean feeders and set them aside to cool and let the rest cool a bit before storing in the fridge.

Nothing extra: There is no need to add anything extra to the homemade hummingbird nectar recipe, i.e. coloring, honey, etc. It’s not necessary and could be harmful. Honey will quickly ferment becoming poisonous to the birds.

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