A Little Spring, A Little Clean

Spring is fast approaching and we all know what that means……SPRING CLEANING! I know just the thought can make you cringe but we all know it must be done. After being cooped up in our homes for the past few months every inch of our homes has been used at some point and most likely not as clean as we would like. I have found a great cleaning check list and an awesome website for natural homemade cleaners. I hope you find this as helpful as I did, happy cleaning!

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*The best spring cleaning website I found for a complete checklist-


*All natural –making your own cleaners from household products-


**Some areas I find troublesome:


This is the perfect time to weed out some of the clothes you are have been hanging onto that no longer fit or have outstayed their welcome. Buy some new hangers and start organizing and putting away all of the space hogging winter clothing.

*Cleaning tiles and grout: ½ cup baking soda into 2 gallons of water, who would have thought it would be so simple?!

*Cleaning your granite: soap scum or mildew- ½ cut ammonia in a gallon of water/ coffee and juice stains- use a little hydrogen peroxide in water plus just a few drops of ammonia.

Go check out your local Rural King, you will find all you need to make the cleaners yourself and the supplies to put the cleaners to the test!!

Links to the Ruralking.com website for the some of the essential items needed to get the job done:

mops:  http://search.ruralking.com/search?p=Q&asug=&w=mops

Brooms:  http://search.ruralking.com/search?view=grid&w=brooms

cleaners: http://search.ruralking.com/search?view=grid&w=cleaner

Libman Brand:  http://search.ruralking.com/search?view=grid&w=libman





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