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At any given time, I have multiple projects I’m wanting to get accomplished. So many in fact that they were spilling over everywhere in my house and things inevitably get lost. However, the Plano Field Ammo Box has helped me immensely with keeping everything organized. I have a couple that I take to the range and it makes life a lot easier than digging around in the bottom of a bag. They’re lockable as well to keep little fingers out. They’re useful for so many more things than storing ammo though! I have one for bicycle/scooter tools, spare parts, and a lunch that I can strap to the rack for longer rides. I have a couple with job-specific tools such as brakes and oil changes for my car. I can keep my metalworking tools and supplies separate from those for woodworking and the handle makes it easy to move everything. They’re sturdy and a great size for lots of different things. At $4.98 a piece, they’re also inexpensive enough that you can buy a separate one for each need!

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