AgraTronix Ag-MAC Grain Moisture Tester

AgraTronix Ag-MAC Grain Moisture Tester 30100

AgraTronix Ag-MAC Grain Moisture Tester 30100

This growing season, AgraTronix has a new Grain Moisture Tester to monitor your grain with, the Ag-MAC Grain Moisture Tester 30100. This moisture tester can display readout for 20 different grain scales and features a backlit, easy to read LCD screen. The hopper has a locking design to ensure it stays on the whole time you are using the tester and prevent spills. It includes an attached Swiper with brush for leveling the grain. It also features an automatic temperature compensation feature to ensure accurate readings. Best of all, this tester was designed and manufactured here in the U. S. A.

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