Follow These Steps to Avoid Basement Water Leakage

Hello, as Spring turns into Summer it is always important to think about proper home care, such as making sure all the rain from the Spring has not created leakage in your basement foundation, or if it has, stopping the leak before it can cause a costly situation.  Using these steps can help save you money and give you peace of mind that you should not suffer a costly repair bill.

Waterproof the walls internally. 

Internal waterproofing is a process in which the walls need to be removed and a process of waterproofing from the foundation, windows, and drain runs into a basement sump pump.

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Waterproof the walls externally.

External waterproofing work is a major job because it requires removing the debris around the external wall foundation, all the way down to the foundation level.

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Insulate the external walls with the external waterproofing product in at least two layers in order to have the basement completely clean.