Avoiding Boredom During A Long Winter

Let’s face it, winter is long.  And with a winter like this year, it can feel really long.  With the kids home from school all day and the snow keeps piling up, it can be very easy to get bored while snowed in.  Instead of allowing yourself to get bored, why not try some of these winter classics to lighted the mood a bit.

1  Play in the snow: Remember to wear protective clothing (coat, hats, gloves, etc)

2. Shovel: You know you are going to have to do it anyway, why not try to make a game out of it, like start at the middle of the sidewalk and see who can finish their side first.

3. Listen to music: Listen to some of your favorite songs, and you are home by yourself, feel free to dance.

4. Make a documentary about the snow:  Kids love to make movie, why not try an make one that is both fun and educational.

5.  Make some hot chocolate: This is a timeless classic, and needs very little explaining.

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