Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Drink Hot Chocolate!

As the temperature keeps dropping this fall and winter is approaching, the more an individual wants to stay inside and just keep warm. It is always nice when you can enjoy a nice day in the warm comforting home, either by yourself, with your loved one, with your children, or any relatives. When enjoying a nice day at home to relax, I like to curl up, sit on a chair with my puppy dog, watch TV (Duck Dynasty, of course), and drink a nice warm hot chocolate.

I most of the time make my hot chocolate with milk. I used to not, but milk makes it taste so much more creamier. If you are able to drink milk and never made hot chocolate with milk, I would definitely recommend trying it.

After making the hot chocolate, there are two ways I like to decorate the hot chocolate.

1.) With a ton of mini marshmallows. It make the hot chocolate taste ten time better. Especially, when the marshmallows begin to melt/dissolve in the hot chocolate. Then add some chocolate syrup on top for some extra chocolate flavor.

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows

2.) Otherwise, I put whip cream on top with sprinkles on the hot chocolate. As parents would know children love sprinkles. When adding whip cream and sprinkles, children think they are on top of the world and have a “special” drink. In which they do because it is made with love.

Hot Chocolate with Sprinkles


So when you are at Rural King next, pick up a box of Hot Chocolate, or you can just order from online,, from the convenience of your home, so you don’t have to get out in the cold.

Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate

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