BagBalm: Not just for animals

Miraculous Bag Balm

bag balm

This is an under rated product for as many uses as it has for both humans and animals. Bag Balm was originally made to relieve chapped udders on livestock in 1899.

Since then multiple generations have been using this salve for more then just cracked udders! Wikipedia states, “Originally, it was used for only cows’ udders, but farmers’ wives noticed the softness of their husbands’ hands, and started using the product themselves.”

This product has been used in my family for 5 generations now, you will find one in every one of our medicine cabinets. No matter what is wrong my grandfather will tell you to put bag balm on the issue. This salve does have a faint order but it is nothing worse then most ointments.

This is often used as a treatment for chapped,dry and irritated skin, psoriasis, cracked fingers, burns,  sunburn, bedsores and radiation burns. Disclaimer: Now this product is only advertised for chapped udders, the rest of these ailments listed are just what people have claimed to use it for. We also use this or cuts, skin problems, ailments, and cracked paws on our animals as well.

Just last night i burnt my finger while cooking with a skillet. I then immediately put a tiny dab of bag balm on the burn since it was already starting to puff up, and this morning there is only a little mark where the burn was. It is not sore and I do not even notice it. So don’t bother with ice or running it under water or what ever your remedy was for burns, rub a little of this on to the burn and just let it be. The pain goes away relatively quickly and this heals fast so that there is no bubble formed from the burn.

You should check out their facebook page! ( They were just feature in this month’s issue of First for Women as a Drugstore Star for cracked hands!


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  1. Anita FowlerAnita Fowler

    My Mom & I used it on my granddaughter’s when they were in diapers! I still use it. Only place that sells it is the feed store! I moved from Illinois to Florida 32 yrs ago and I will not use anything else!! <3

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