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Top 6 Reasons You Should “Bee” a Beekeeper

There are more benefits to beekeeping than just free honey. If everyone that thought about being a beekeeper knew all of the amazing perks, we would have no problem saving the honeybees.The first step to being a beekeeper is learning more about bees, right? So, today, I’ll fill you in on all of the joys of beekeeping, like beeswax, luscious gardens, and more. We’ll also cover some things to consider before becoming a beekeeper. After that, it is up to you to make the decision to get your beekeeping kit, suit, and tools in preparation for your new honeybee colony.

6 Reasons to be a Beekeeper

#1 …Bee Conservation

Parasites, disease, pesticides, and other negative factors have caused the honeybee population to plummet. Without these pollinators, we would be unable to have the plants and foods that we love.

Honeybees are the little helpers of the world. It’s by their work that animals and humans have the diverse diet that we have. If the thought of never eating apple pie or smelling the roses again doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will!

Keeping your own beehive not only helps with your garden and the bee population in your area, but you are making the ecosystem around you healthier as well.

#2 …Fresh Honey

It may not be the only reason to have your own honeybee colony, but it is one of the most delicious reasons. Once you have honey straight from the hive, you won’t want to go back to eating store-bought honey.

Honey has healthy benefits all on its own. Some of the top benefits are:Extracting honey by honey extraction

  • Weight Management
  • Natural Energy Booster (use honey before or after a workout)
  • Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes
  • Natural Cough Syrup
  • Counters Pollen Allergies
  • Natural Sleep Promoter

#3 …Beeswax

If you thought honey had a lot of benefits and uses, wait until you hear about some of the exciting ways you can use beeswax:

  • Make Candles
  • Waterproof Shoes and Boots
  • Cheese Waxing
  • Prevent Tools from Rusting
  • Beeswax Crayons
  • Beeswax Modeling Clay
  • Shoe Polish
  • Dry Hair Care
  • Grease Cookie Sheets for Baking
  • Furniture and Granit Countertop Polish

#4 …Low Maintenance, Big Benefits

Once your honeybee colony is up and running, it takes about 30 minutes a week to check in on your hive. Other than a weekly (or for some bi-weekly) checkup, your bees will do all of the work on their own. You will need a bit of extra time to harvest honey when that time comes.

Compared to other household pets or livestock, honeybees are a breeze to take care of. Plus, unlike my dog, they pay you for letting them hang around with delicious, fresh honey!

#5 …Added Pollination for a More Luscious Garden

Whether you have a food based or flower based garden, honeybees are absolutely amazing to have around. These buzzing pollinators will go from plant to plant and boost the food production of your plants. So, you will have larger blooms, fruits, and veggies.

#6 …Natural Stress Reliever

Even though no studies have been done, every article I’ve read on beekeeping says the same thing, “tending honeybees reduces stress.”

People all around the world have started up this hobby for different reasons, but all have found that caring for honeybees clears their mind, relieves the stress of the day, and can calm the hustle and bustle of the world around them.

There may not be scientific evidence to prove this point, but hundreds of beekeepers can’t be wrong!

Consider This Before Beekeeping

All of these benefits sound wonderful right? Even though this hobby is great, beekeeping isn’t going to be for everyone. Below are a few points to consider before your backyard beekeeping adventure begins.

Portrait of male beekeeper carrying honeycomb box at apiary

Start-Up Cost: Once your hive is up and running, beekeeping is very inexpensive, but you will need some supplies to get started. These supplies include a hive box, protective gear, a smoker, hive tools, bee feed, extracting equipment, and bees. Many beekeepers avoid a lot of expense by buying used tools, making hive boxes themselves, or sharing the cost of equipment with other beekeepers in your area. You can also save by purchasing a beekeeping kit, which includes all of your start-up beekeeper supplies.

Heavy Lifting: An empty hive box or frame is light as a feather, but once those are filled with honey, they can weigh 30 to 70 pounds. You will need to be able to lift this weight to extract the honey.

Bee Stings: If you or anyone in your family is allergic to bee stings, you might want to reconsider bringing honeybees into your backyard. Bee stings hurt no matter what, but you’re likely to develop an immunity to the poison.

Local Laws and Regulations: You are definitely going to want to check the local bee laws before considering beekeeping as a hobby. Don’t assume you are in the clear because you live out of town, and if you live in town, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have honeybees.

“Bee” Informed

All beekeepers suggest that you should study as much as you can before buying your first package of bees. Rural King is proud to provide new and experienced beekeepers with all kinds of facts and instructions on beekeeping. You can read more information by going to

Rural King’s YouTube channel is also jam-packed with beekeeping videos that cover everything from constructing your first beehive to extracting honey for the first time. Below you can watch one of many helpful videos. To find more, go to Rural King’s YouTube channel.

If you have any beginning beekeeper questions or some helpful tips for new beekeepers, leave a comment in the text box below.

Beekeeping equipment and packages of bees can be purchased through Rural King now, so if you think you want to start this rewarding hobby, visit our Beekeeping Supplies page.

6 thoughts on “Top 6 Reasons You Should “Bee” a Beekeeper

  1. Leonard Barnett

    I have always been interested in bee keeping but was just one of those things on my bucket list I never got to enjoy and now I am 67 years old,I am not sure about lifting that much weight.So I would just be satisfied to find raw honey for sell in my area.If you could help me find this I would greatly appreciate it,the honey in stores has been ruined by the process it goes through.
    I live in Chandler,In. and would Love to find a place to buy REAL HONEY!

    1. Mandi Mundhenk Post author

      Oh my, yes! You can’t get any better than honey straight from the hive. Some Rural Kings sell honey from local vendors, so you might give one of the Evansville, IN Rural Kings a call. I also found a place called Seven Heaven Honey in Princeton, IN. They don’t have a ton of information on their website, but they have a couple 5-star reviews and one specifically mentions their fresh honey.

  2. Jean Alicea

    I know it’s best to have two separate hives. Should you have two separate bee breeds or should they both be the same?
    At this moment I’m gathering as much information and knowledge before I purchase a bee kit along with a colony.
    I’m going to try and find some bee clubs in my area. Most likely I’ll end up going to the agriculture office in town. They have always been wonderful with help and helping me to find the information I’m looking for.

    1. Mandi Mundhenk Post author

      That’s a great question. As long as the hives are at least 2 ft. apart, you shouldn’t have a problem with different bee breeds. However, there is a benefit to raising the same breed for your first two hives. Each hive will give you a baseline to compare against the other. If you see any differences between the hives, you can search online to see which hive is normal and how to correct the issue. I hope this helps!

    1. Mandi Mundhenk Post author

      Glad to hear you’re getting into beekeeping. Being a member of a beekeeping club is an excellent way to start, and this link will be perfect for our Illinois area readers. Thank you and good luck!

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