Bruder Toys – The perfect gift for that special boy or girl

Remember when you were a kid and you opened that shiny new toy for your birthday or Christmas?  It didn’t matter if it was -30° out, you were heading out the door to play as soon as you opened it!  Off to the sandbox to set up a new construction site.  Down the slide your toy went crashing into the ground below.  Odds are you have a few of those toys still laying around in your garage or attic.  Or at least the toys that made it through your high speed car chase, construction zone, demolition derby or anything else your imagination could put your new toy through.

When you are looking to purchase the perfect toy for that special boy or girl, you need to make sure that you are buying a well made toy that will survive the adventures it will face.  The last thing you want is to see that perfect toy broke the first day of play.  Bruder toys are developed as model-sized toys to be as realistic as possible.  Bruder’s company slogan “just like the real thing” allows children to imitate real life in the form of role plays.  These toy vehicles are developed and designed to last.  No flimsy plastic here.  Plastics of the highest quality are used, some of which can be found in the car industry.

Bruder toys are also life like providing the ability for doors and hoods to open.  Fire engines shoot water.  The Mack Granite Liebherr Crane Truck extends to 50 inches tall and has 4 outriggers (stabilizer legs) to provide stability.   The Mack Granite Flatbed Truck with JCB Loader features a fifth wheel clutch, side gates that are removble, foold down ramps that are held by chains to unhook and many more life-like features to provide hours of playtime.

When you are looking for the perfect gift, look no further than Bruder Toys.  Bruder toys are made in Germany and made to last.  Bruder is still a family owned company that puts a family touch in every product made.


Bruder Mack Granite Flatbed Truck with JCB Loader Backhoe 02813

Bruder Toys Mack Granite Liebherr Crane Truck 02818

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