Candle Warmers are Here!

With the holidays sneaking up on us it is always important to have your home smelling warm and welcoming. But for some guests the smoke from a burning candle is not always welcoming. I can’t speak for yours but I know for some of my family members a burning candle only means allergies being inflamed, and headaches.  Also you have to consider the danger a flame from a traditional candle can present, especially if you have excited children or pets running around your house who might knock it over or be tempted to mess with the flame.

Well, we have your solution! A candle warmer!



They have gotten so much cuter since my mom first got one to use around Christmas time years ago. We offer several different styles and kinds. We have short ones, tall ones, some that even look like lanterns! My favorite one would probably be the Candle Warmers Blue Fleur De Lis RWDFL, it’s just so pretty!


On top of the different styles of warmers that we offer we also offer replacement bulbs, wax melts and fragrance oils! Unfortunately we don’t currently offer the wax melts online or very many of the fragrance oils. Among the fragrance oils we currently offer online there are Pumpkin Spice, Applejack, and Hot Apple Pie! Check back soon because you never know what we will be adding to the site! 

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