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Clear Those Hard to Unclog Drains

When you have a stubborn drain that won’t unclog with traditional drain cleaning chemicals, try our Liquid Fire Drain Line Opener. This drain line opener provides professional results for drain lines in sinks, tubs, shower stalls and septic systems. The chemicals in this product react with the water which creates heat and quickly dissolves the clog. The heat produced by the reaction can also be handy for thawing frozen drain lines. Liquid Fire Drain Line Opener will work on plastic or steel pipes and won’t cause damage when used in the recommended amounts.

Liquid Fire Drain Line Opener 1 Quart (32oz)

Liquid Fire Drain Line Opener 1 Quart (32oz)

When using the Liquid Fire Drain Line Opener, always follow the instructions to avoid harm. This is a very toxic chemical and you should take precautions to avoid direct contact. Always wear full protective clothing when handling this chemical, such as boots, safety glasses and gloves. When the proper precautions are taken, this product can provide great results!

Liquid Fire Drain Line Opener can also be purchased in a 12 pack found here.

A Little Spring, A Little Clean

Spring is fast approaching and we all know what that means……SPRING CLEANING! I know just the thought can make you cringe but we all know it must be done. After being cooped up in our homes for the past few months every inch of our homes has been used at some point and most likely not as clean as we would like. I have found a great cleaning check list and an awesome website for natural homemade cleaners. I hope you find this as helpful as I did, happy cleaning!

broom         cleaner        lemon-fresh_28_1         mop

*The best spring cleaning website I found for a complete checklist-

*All natural –making your own cleaners from household products-

**Some areas I find troublesome:


This is the perfect time to weed out some of the clothes you are have been hanging onto that no longer fit or have outstayed their welcome. Buy some new hangers and start organizing and putting away all of the space hogging winter clothing.

*Cleaning tiles and grout: ½ cup baking soda into 2 gallons of water, who would have thought it would be so simple?!

*Cleaning your granite: soap scum or mildew- ½ cut ammonia in a gallon of water/ coffee and juice stains- use a little hydrogen peroxide in water plus just a few drops of ammonia.

Go check out your local Rural King, you will find all you need to make the cleaners yourself and the supplies to put the cleaners to the test!!

Links to the website for the some of the essential items needed to get the job done:




Libman Brand:





Installing A Coolant Flush Kit

Spring is finally right around the corner and to me nothing says Spring like getting your car taken care of after a long, brutal winter.  Did you know that there are particles in your antifreeze that can lead to clogs in your cooling system?  This clogging can lead to overheating which can ultimately damage your engine.  It is recommended that you flush your system at least every few years and I cannot think of a better time than the beginning of Spring.

Recommended Items:

Prestone Anti-freeze Gallon SKU 6060044

Wedco 4 Gallon Oil Drain Pan W76  SKU 4560054

Part 1: Tee Attachment and Flush Preparation

  1. Check the engine to make sure it is no longer hot. Loosen the radiator cap to release any pressure still left, and then re-tighten.
  2. Place a pan or bucket under the radiator plug beneath the car to catch the old antifreeze. Elevating the car on ramps may help the process.
  3. Splice the “Flush Tee” to the heater inlet hose. The heater inlet hose usually runs between the firewall and the top of the radiator. This may be done using a clamp and a couple of screws.

Part 2: Attach the Coupler and Back Washing

  1. Remove the cap covering the tee as well as the radiator cap. Attach a coupler to the flushing tee to prevent backwash.  The black part should attach to the tee and the yellow part should attach to a garden hose. On cars with no radiator cap (or reservoir cap), flush by disconnecting the upper radiator hose.
  2. Flush with tap water until it runs clear. A cleaning solution may have also been provided in the antifreeze flush kit.

Part 3: Refill

  1. Mix antifreeze according to what your climate needs, somewhere between a 50% and 70% mix.
  2. Pour the amount you measured into your radiator, reservoir or thermostat opening. Some leakage of water and diluted antifreeze will come out of the tee.
  3. Recap the tee and tighten the clamp by hand. Replace your radiator cap and run your car for 10 minutes after it reaches its running temperature.
  4. Allow your engine to cool again and check antifreeze levels. Add more as needed.

Make Healthy Delicious Snacks with Nesco

I don’t know about you, but my kids are always starving when they get home from school. Here’s an easy way to make them healthy, delicious snacks instead of giving them greasy chips or fat laden snack cakes or sandwich pockets.

dehydrator 1 Use Nesco dehydrators to make homemade jerky or various tasty fruit chips such as apples, bananas, strawberries, kiwi or pineapple

Just combine:
1 pound lean ground beef with
1 packet each Nesco®/American Harvest® jerky spice and cure.
(8 flavors to choose from)

Thoroughly mix meat, spice and cure together in a bowl. Form into strips using the NESCO®/American Harvest® Jerky Works™ Kit. Place meat strips on your Nesco/American Harvest® dehydrator trays, and dry at its highest temperature setting for 5 to 8 hours, or until donejerky gun

You can also use the dehydrator to dry herbs and vegetables for use in soups and stews.
This Homemade Jerky Recipe also is great for making venison jerky and turkey jerky.





For these and many other Nesco products, visit your local Rural King store, or go online to or

Hey Teachers!! Great Classroom Project!!


This 8 panel plastic brooder would be a great learning project for kids of all ages!  Hatch chickens, pheasant, quail, ducks or other gamebirds or waterfowl and see the cycle of life begin right before your eyes.  This unit is washable and durable and will bring joy and amazement to your classroom for years to come.

Also pictured is the Brinsea EcoGlow used to keep chicks warm and toasty!

These items can be found at your local Rural King store  or at