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Spring has sprung at Rural King

My first winter in Illinois has been a doozy! The only thing keeping me from getting cabin fever is knowing Spring is just around the corner. Just imagine……..** grass between your toes, warm sun on your face, and relaxing outside** Rural King has released their spring products a little early this year and I wanted to share some of the great products we have.


*We have really great looking outdoor décor that will make any landscape pop!


**What is Spring without a BBQ?! We have grills to that will make any grill master happy.

CHAIRS     swiveltablechairset

** We have a huge selection of outdoor furniture and swings!!

This does not even scratch the surface of everything we have to offer for Spring, so go check out your local Rural King or online at





Valentine’s Gift for Her: Bring the Wilderness Indoors!

Are you looking for a unique Valentine’s Day Gift for your significant other? Are you tired of the same old boring Red Roses, Heart filled with Chocolates, and a Teddy Bear? Rural King is the place to visit!

Rural King carries a product line called Wilderness Dreams. This product line contains nice Silky Camouflage Pajamas. The Camouflage Pajamas can be purchased in the following patterns: Naked North Snow, Pink Mossy Oak, and Mossy Oak .

So instead of getting out in the freezing cold for Valentine’s Day, stay inside, cook a nice dinner, and curl up with a blanket with your Valentine in her new Wilderness Dreams Pajamas to watch a romantic movie.

Naked North Snow

Wilderness Dreams Naked North Snow Henley Night Shirt Wilderness Dreams Naked North Snow Lounge Pajamas

Pink Mossy Oak

Wilderness Dreams Pink Mossy Oak Pajamas Wilderness Dreams Pink Mossy Oak Shorts 605035

Mossy Oak

Wilderness Dreams Mossy Oak Pajamas Wilderness Dreams Mossy Oak Tank NightgownWilderness Dreams Mossy Oak Henley Nightshirt

Wilderness Dreams Mossy Oak Pajama Tank and Shorts

Hippity Hop Hop! Bunny Rabbits at Rural King

Rural King Bunny Rabbits

Did you know that some Local Rural Kings carry Bunny Rabbits for Agricultural Usage? Not only do they carry the Bunny Rabbits, but they also carry all your Bunny Rabbits needs.

Rabbit Hutches and/or Rabbit Cages

Rural King carries Rabbit Hutches as well as Cages for your Bunny Rabbit(s). If you are just beginning to raise bunny rabbits, Rural King sells a Starter Rabbit Cage/Hutch Kit equipped with the following: Miller MFG. Rabbit Hutch Kit RHCK1

  • Frame Kit.
  • Rabbit Cage
  • Sifter Feeder and Lid
  • Plastic Dropping Pan
  • 32 oz. Water Bottle and Holder
  • Cage Clips and Wire Clip Pliers




If you are not exactly looking for a Rabbit Cage/Hutch we would recommend looking at our Wooden Rabbit Hutches available for Small Bunny Rabbits and Large Bunny.

Ensure your rabbit is safe with a secure hutch they will be excited to call their home! The rabbit hutch is elevated, and includes a ramp to make it easy for your rabbit to hop into their hutch. Rubber feet are installed on the bottom legs to prevent splintering when outside, or marking your inside floors. Our cage is crated from a fine weather-resistant variety of fir tree lumber and is coated with a protective, non-toxic stain. The water-resistant top is made of asphalt shingles and is designed to protect your pet from inclement weather. (Sold Online Only)

Prevue Pet Small Rabbit Hutch 46Prevue Pet Small Rabbit Hutch 460

  • Assembled: 36” L, 24” W, 35 1/2” H
  • Interior: 31 1/2” L, 20” W, 20” H






Prevue Pet Large Rabbit Hutch 461Prevue Pet Large Rabbit Hutch 461

  • Assembled: 46 1/2” L, 24” W, 36 1/4” H
  • Interior: 42 1/2” L, 20” W, 20” H






Bunny Rabbit Feed

Not only does Rural King carry the Bunny Rabbit Hutches/Cages, there is also Rabbit Feed that is sold as well as Rabbit Treats.

Rural King sell the Manna Pro Select Rabbit Feed: Pro, Gro, and Sho. As well as Rural King carries a Country Road Rabbit Pellet Feed.

Manna Pro (Pro, Gro, and Sho) Rabbit FeedCountry Road Rabbit Pellets


So if your looking to begin Raising Rabbits for Agricultural Use DO NOT LOOK ANY FURTHER! You have found the spot. Rural King will carry a lot of your Bunny Rabbit needs. If it is not available in store, look online at

***FYI: Not all of Rural King Store Locations carry the Bunny Rabbits, but you will still locate Bunny Feed in the store locations.


Don’t forget about your Pets!

Staying warm in this weather can be a battle for us, but think about your pets! Rural King has many useful items to help keep our animals warm along with keeping their water from freezing. At this current time, most of our heated livestock items are 15% off! It is an ease on your pockets and your pets!



Farm Innovators 3 gallon Plastic Heated Poultry Fountain HPF-100  SKU: 011300061


 Farm Innovators 1500W Safe in All Tanks De-Icer SKU: 002700052



Farm Innovators Heated 2 Gallon Bucket HB60 SKU: 002700418



Farm Innovators Premium Bird Bath De-Icer C-50 SKU: 002700337


Farm Innovators 23″ x 29″ Heated Plastic Pet Mat SKU: 00270036



Farm innovators Floating Pond De-Icer Green 1250 Watt P-148 SKU: 011300029

These items and many more that we carry will help make life a little easier for you and your pets. Stay warm!

DIY Shotgun Shell Wreath

I always struggle after the Holidays on how to decorate the outside of my house. Right now, you can still keep up the snowman decorations, but that is about it. After I went exploring a little bit, I found a Shotgun Shell Wreath, which I believe would look great hanging on a door during any season. You buy a Shotgun Shell Wreath online, how about using a little creativity and making one yourself. It would be “one of a kind” to your own home decorations.

Items Needed: 

  • 100-200 Shotgun Shells (Depending on how full you are wanting your wreath to look.)

*** You can purchase Shotgun Ammo at any Rural King Store Location except online. There is a greater variety of Shotgun Ammo at Rural King Store Locations that have a Gun Barn.

  • 6′ Long Piece of Foam Tubing (Purchase a any Local Hardware/Plumbing Store)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Duct Tape

Instructions for Assembly of your Shotgun Shell Wreath:

  1. Begin by cutting the Foam Tubing to the desire length you will want your wreath. 
  2. Connect the two ends of the Foam Tubing with Duct Tape.Foam Tubing
  3. Now it is time to begin the placing of the Shotgun Shells on your wreath. You will need to have your hot glue gun warmed up with the Hot Glue Stick melted and ready to use.
  4. Add the Shotgun Shells by placing the Hot Glue on the shell and holding it on the Foam Tubing for 1-2 Minutes. Keep on repeating this step until your have the fullness of the wreath you are wanting.  

Shotgun Shell Wreath Step 1

Shotgun Shell Wreath Step 2

Shotgun Shell Wreath Step 3

(Optional) – Now you can decorate your Shotgun Shell Wreath, but adding anything you would like. Example: Burlap Bow, Evergreen Stem, Berry Garland, Pine Cones, etc. 

Shotgun Shell Wreath 3 Shotgun Shell Wreath Shotgun Shell Wreath 2