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Tips for Traveling with Your Dog During the Holidays

The holidays are coming and that means lots of trips to visit family and friends. According to a recent Kurgo Survey of dog owners, 36% of people travel to a destination other than their home for Thanksgiving and 43% travel at Christmas time. Over 80% of dog owners will bring their pup along on these trips, because, of course, their dog is part of the family too! It’s fun to bring along your dog, but that might require some planning to make sure it’s fun and safe for everyone!

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How to Protect Your Car From Mud, Fur, and Slobber

Keeping a clean car is tough when traveling with your canine companion. Taking your dog camping, hiking, to the beach, or on any outdoorsy adventure can lead to a very dirty dog – and car! By prepping your vehicle for these messy instances, you’ll be able to save time cleaning and spend more time with your pup. Follow the guidelines below and say goodbye to constant mud, fur, and slobber taking over your car. Continue reading

Top Tips for Hiking with Your Dog

You and your pup both need fresh air each day, but going on the same walks can get a little boring. The next time you think about going on an adventure, you should try taking your favorite pooch on a hiking trip. However, before you grab the leash, there are a few you need to consider. Here are some hiking tips for a successful doggy hike, from the experts at Kurgo!

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