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Grow Salad Greens During the Cold Winter and Have Fun Doing It!

One of my favorite things to grow during the fall and winter months is lettuce. Sure anyone can grab a bag of salad mix from the store for a couple of bucks, but if you’re a die hard vegetable gardener like myself, you are going to need to get outside to get your daily dose of vitamin D or you’ll go nuts. Plus, we all know homegrown just tastes better!

Tips for Growing Lettuce in Late Fall and Winter

Be patient. Lettuce germinates best in cooler temperatures, but if it gets too cold germination may slow down considerably. The ideal time to plant is two weeks before the first fall frost. Most lettuce varieties only take about 45 – 60 days to reach maturity.

Plant lettuce seeds and seedlings in containers. This way if a gust of cooler weather or a frost is headed your way, you can easily move the pots alongside your home or front porch and wrap them with a fabric cover or tuck the seedlings under a cloche.

Overseed. I consider it “insurance” for a great harvest. Be sure to sow seeds every two weeks for a good continuous crop of salad greens.

If you live in an area with harsh winters, no problem. You can still grow lettuce in the winter. Simply pick a sunny windowsill or pull out the grow lights because you can grow lettuce ANYWHERE! Indoors or out.

And last but not least, remember lettuce has shallow roots and needs good drainage or their delicate roots could freeze if left sitting in a container of soggy potting soil. 

Growing salad greens in the late fall and winter months can be a little bit of a challenge, but a homegrown dinner salad in middle of winter… now that’s priceless.

Items you may Need:

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As many of you may know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Monthbreast-cancer-tree

Rural King is doing something very special that I would love to tell you about. When we last counted we have already been able to donate $26,000 and we are looking to be able to keep donating! That’s where we need your help. If you purchase certain product Rural King will be donating a certain of each qualifying purchase to cancer research.


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Want to be a part of the crew that helped find a cure to breast cancer? Rural King is making that even easier.  If you search “bcpink” on our site it will take you to all items that will submit a donation from you purchasing. There are over 100 items! How awesome is that?

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We all have the same issue with our ceramic sinks, tubs, and toilets. Even when you clean them they tend to have a yellowish hue. I have a product that will make it shine and sparkle like new!

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This Product is truly versatile and useful for around the house! The cost is truly great as well and anyone can afford it. be sure to protect your hands with some gloves and keep out of reach of children because it is not child proof.

Sneak Peak of This Year’s Toy Selection!

We all know what time of the year it is. Holiday season is approaching rapidly. We would all like to be able to catch the deals and be ahead of the last minute scrambling. How can you do that you ask? Rural King and our salaried elves have the ONLY solution for you. They were even kind enough to reach out to you by writing a letter which I will share with you.

sneak peak

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Raising Backyard Chickens

Why Raise Chickens?

  • Easy and inexpensive to maintain (when compared to most other pets)
  • Eggs that are fresh, great-tasting & nutritious
  • Chemical-free bug and weed control
  • Manufacture the worlds best fertilizer
  • Fun & friendly pets with personality

Where To Get Baby Chicks & Chickens: Rural King

How To Care For A Chick – First 60 Days:

  • You’ll need a chick brooder
  • Flooring – Pine shavings & corn cob bedding are best.  Stay clear of newspaper since it doesn’t absorb well and can be slippery.
  • Temperature – 90 to 100 deg. for the first week, decrease 5 deg. per week. Be VERY careful of fire hazards!
  • Food & water – chick crumbles / starter & a chick waterer
  • Play time – Play with your chicks when young to get the use to being around people.

Chicken Care After First 60 Days, General Chicken Care:

  • Chicken Coop – Once feathered out you’ll want to move your chickens into a chicken coop!  Rule of thumb is about 2-3 square feet per chicken inside the henhouse and 4-5 sq/ft per chicken in an outside run.
  • Flooring – Pine shavings work best.
  • Food & Water – Most people go with formulated chicken layer feed / pellets.
  • Treats – Vegetables, bread, bugs, chicken scratch (cracked corn, milo, wheat)

Below you’ll find some of the products we can help with:


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