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Pesky Fruit Flies

20150603_115751 It’s summer time! And we all know what that means, fruit flies in the kitchen! Now you can always use a small container and put in apple cider vinegar with a few drops of dish soap, then cover with saran wrap and poke a few holes in there. Once they get trapped they can’t get out.

However Ruralking now has this cute little apple that is much more appeasing to the eye then a bunch of visible dead bugs in a container and its only $6.99! You can easily refill it as needed.

Repel Mosquitoes and enjoy the view!

hummingbird-beebalm-loRepelling mosquitoes can be done not only by coating yourself in bug spray, or carrying a ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent Dispenser, but also by planting some useful plants around your house or deck, or place strategically around the yard!There are many plants that help to reply mosquitoes since these pesky little bugs can not stand the smell, and this allow us to sit back and enjoy the view without getting bit. Ruralking has several of these plants already started for you to just put in a pot or in the ground, as well as packets of seeds for you to plant as you please!

To start off with most of these plants emit a fragrance that is usually pleasing to us, such as lemon, lavender, and mint. Some of the plants repel naturally, others can be processed (boiled or crushed, etc) into a spray to use. Here is a link that explains how to use each of the plants to help you repel these pesky bugs, make sure to check your planting zones and correlate it with your plants growing zones:

citranella plant      Ageratum 003 lemon balm


Here are some of the plants: Ageratum (purple flow pictured above), Basil (I suggest to plant in a pot or it can overtake an area), Bee Balm (I love these beautiful perennials, it is the pink flower with the hummingbird, pictured above), Cadaga tree (Tagetes lucida), Catmint, Catnip (beware of attracting all the neighborhood cats), Cedar trees, Citronella Grass or plant (mosquito plant pictured above), Clove, Eucalyptus tree,  Floss flower, Garlic, Lavendar, Lemon balm (gives your yard a fresh scent), Lemon Grass (this grows like crazy), Lemon scented Geraniums (Pelargonium crispum), Lemon Thyme, Lemon Verbena, Marigolds (Tagetes lucida- works the best since it has the strongest smell, but the other breeds work well), Mint, Nodding Onion, Pineapple weed (Matricaria matricarioides), Pitcher plants (does not emit a smell, but it is a carnivorous plant that ingests the bugs), Rosemary, Snowbrush, Sweet Fern,  Sage, Tansy, Tea tree (oil extract has many other great qualities), Vanilla Leaf (usually needs to be crushed), Wild Bergamot (needs to be crushed and diluted with water, can cause irritation if applied directly), Wormwood , and Stone root (similar to mint).

I would suggest to reference that website to know how each plant can be used to help repel, some are naturally a repellent, some have to be crushed and boiled to release the plant oils, and some can be made into a natural spray or rubbed on the skin directly.

I love the fact that my herb garden around my house is helping to reduce the amount of pests around the porch, as well as having a use in my kitchen!


Flip Flop Season!!!!

It’s that time of year, the temperature goes up and the shoes come off. Well, you still want to protect your feet from rocks, glass, and other things on the ground (ever step on a slug with your bare foot? Gross). There are so many kinds of flip flops at your local Rural King a great price you can by many pairs to match your outfit or mood. But did you know there are other things you can do with flip flops?

For instance a flip flop wreath:

Other handy things, if you are out on a boat and are afraid you will lose your keys in the water, attach them to your flip flops, because if they fall in the water most of our FLIP FLOPS FLOAT!!!!

Broken flip flop, grab the clip off of your bread and attach it to the stem on the bottom to keep it from pulling through. You can leave it like that or you can super glue it to the bottom to insure it will not slip off.

Repair Flip Flops Step 1 Version 2.jpg

You can also use flip flops as plant hangers, very cute hangers at that. Make sure you check out our selection of flowers to fill the planters.

flip-flop-planters.jpg 300×300 pixelsFlipflops, Beach House, Dollar Stores, Cute Ideas, Gardens, Flower Pots, Flip Flops, Plants Holders, Planters

And most of all you can just wear them, check out your local Rural King for our awesome selection of flip flops:



DIY Stump Removal


In the new house my husband and I are moving into next Friday we have at least 1 tree growing too close to the house and we will unfortunately need to cut down. I was searching for a way to do this without using harsh chemicals and I feel I found a way that will work well for us! With the use of a simple power drill and Epsom salt we can get rid of the stump with very little physical labor at all.

What you will need:

Power Drill

-Epsom Salt


-Mattock or grub hoe

What to do:

-Once the tree is removed you will be left with you stump, you will want to drill some holes in the stump with a 1 inch spade bit. The amount of holes will depend on how large your stump is. You will start your holes about 3 inches from the perimeter and continue with the holes being about 3-4 inches apart from each other until there is no space left on the top of the stump. You will want the holes to go at least 8 inches into the stump.

-At this time you will want to fill your holes with the 100 pure Epsom salt.

-Once the holes have been filled you will want to add water to moisten the salt.

-Now you will want to use the hoe to expose as much of the root structure as you can.

-Add a thick layer of your Epsom salt to the roots which will prevent the roots from carrying moisture and nutrients to the base of the tree.

How it all works:

The Epsom salt is hygroscopic which means it will absorb water. With the large amount of Epsom salt used in this process it will pull moisture from the wood which will in time kill the stump.  The benefit of using this over typical stump killers is that it will actually improve the soil around the stump. The Epsom salt will improve the soil by adding magnesium and sulfur which plants require for chlorophyll and production.

**This process can take up to 1-2 months to die and you will need to reapply the Epsom salt every 3 weeks. **

I localted this information from: 

Did Mother’s Day sneak up on you this year??

It is so easy to get caught up in the nice weather doing much needed yard work, home improvements, and what not to let Mother’s Day slip your mind! It has happned to me several times! Well, it is not too late! This year, I thought why not skip the expensive jewelry and do something that speaks the volume of love I have for the motherly women in my life. Nothing says I love you like hard work!

We all love flowers! However instead of sending flowers, I decided to plant flowers!

You can find a variety of live flowers and herbs at your local Rural King! They had much more than I was looking for, to have so many options was great!


IMG_0037 IMG_0038 IMG_00402015-05-04_13h09_37




Finished product:

2015050495125821 2015050495125844 2015050495125902

I also thought, why not add a little something extra. Affordably priced, this gazing globe would make a great addition to any yard!



Mother’s Day doesn’t have to break the bank. Let’s face it, chances are your mother loves you no matter what. Why not make her everyday a little brighter with some gorgeous flowers and the knowledge that you love her enough to sweat a little! Afterall, it’s the least you can do!


Happy Mother’s Day!!