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Build Your Own Martin House

Purple martins are swallows that migrate from South America to North America each year to breed. Many people enjoy listening to their songs, watching their aerial acrobatics and seeing fledglings emerge from their nests. Although purple martins don’t eat mosquitoes, they eat large numbers of many other kinds of insects. For these reasons, many people build martin houses in the hope that the birds will build nests in them.

1 Site your martin house properly. Purple martins won’t nest in houses too near the ground or too near homes or tall trees. Martin houses should be a minimum of 40 feet (12 meters) from homes and trees and 20 feet (6 meters) high.

2 Design your martin house for several nesting pairs. It should have nesting compartments that are completely separated from one another, access holes for the birds, porches to perch on and a gabled roof. Some houses have multiple levels to accommodate more birds.

3 Cut the wood for the floor so it will extend past the exterior walls 3 inches (7.5 cm) on all sides. This creates the porches. You can also attach porches using 3-inch strips of wood.

4 Create several nesting compartments inside using partitions. Each space should be 6 inches (15 cm) tall, 6 inches wide and 6 inches deep.

5 Cut semicircular entrance holes. These should be 3 inches (7.5 cm) in diameter and 1-3/16 inches (3 cm) tall for each compartment. Set the bottom of the hole flush with the porch to discourage starlings and owls from using the martin house.

6 Drill small holes in the “attic” portion of the house to encourage air flow. Cut a thick piece of polystyrene or corrugated cardboard to fit inside the attic so the house won’t get too hot.

7 Build the roof. Make sure it extends past the exterior walls enough to help shield the access holes from rain and give the birds some shade.

8 Assemble the martin house. Keep in mind that you will want to occasionally disassemble it to clean out the nesting compartments. If you use a router to create slots in the partitions, the floors and in the exterior walls, you will be able to slide them together for a tight fit without permanently attaching them with screws or brads.

9 Paint the house white. Never paint or stain it dark colors, although you can paint the trim another light color if desired.

10 Mount the house on a metal pole that has been set in concrete. You may want to add a winch and pulley system that will allow you to raise and lower the house easily so you can check on nestlings or clean the compartments.

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Get Out & Go Camping!

This is the perfect time of year to get out and get in tune with nature! We have all of the gear to help you experience nature like a pro, or at least feel like a pro. :-)

Tents in all sizes to stay dry and safe from the elements.

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Air mattresses to stay cozy and enjoy a good nights sleep.

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Cook and eat like an outdoor pro.

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This is just a little peek at what we have to offer for camping! Use the links below which will take you to all of these items and more! Happy camping!



Learn to Lie in a Hammock Like a Pro

Have you ever tried to get into a hammock but flipped out as soon as you sat down? It’s actually very easy with a little practice! Here’s how to successfully chill out in a hammock!

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Check the hammock tension. There should be a decent dip or hang in the hammock––it shouldn’t be too tight and it should appear comfortable to you. Also check that it has been suspended properly (if you have hung it yourself, you should already know this).


Place your hands on one side of the hammock to steady yourself, then sit down. Try to make sure that your butt is in the center of the hammock. Never try lying down in a hammock first––sitting is the best way to get into it.


Quickly swing your legs over the side and up onto the hammock.


Find your center of balance. Depending on your weight and if you’re on a hill, your center of balance won’t always be in the exact middle. Shift your weight left or right to decide.


Lie in the hammock. Most people find that the back or side positions are the most comfortable when lying in a hammock. Stomach sleeping or resting doesn’t tend to be as comfortable but you could try it before assuming it won’t work for you. Most important of all, unless you’re in a taut spreader bar hammock, you should find yourself lying diagonally and not straight. This is important because it lets you lie in the hammock for hours without back discomfort, with plenty of support and space.

Lawn Mowers

It is that time of year where you mow on Monday and Wednesday rolls around and it looked like it was never mowed!! Here are a few of our top selling mowers available.

Our #1 seller: Southland 20″ Side Discharge Push Mower S-WM-14020-SF

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Our #2 seller: Southland 21 Inch 2 in 1 Push Mower SM2110

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EPA only
Made in USA with global and domestic components

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Our #3 seller: Yard Machines 21″ 140 CC Push Mower 11ABOS5700


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