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The Plano Molding Company at Rural King!

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In store and online we offer several Plano Molding Company Products. You can view all the products available online by clicking on the Plano icon above.

We have sold a countless number of the Plano Molding 1312 Field Ammo Box OD Green 1312-50, at less than $5.00 people just can’t seem to get enough of them!

plano box


 We also offer the Plano Deep Water Resistant Field Box with Lift Out Tray 1612-00! Complete with a o-ring seal, top access storage built into the lid, a secure brass latch, and a comfortable over sized handle. This water resistant box with lift out tray is super durable and handy!! 

plano box 2



*Click the pictures to view the items on the web site!!*

Everything For The Chicks

Here at Rural King, we have everything you could ever need to raise some happy chickens!

011610052 Of course we have baby chicks…..


precision_pet_old_red_barn_chicken_coop_2929-29143fd_4brinseachurchill_web_1whitechickencoop and all kinds of chicken coops


chicken feedchicken feederchicken waterer several different brands and types of feed and feeding and                                                                watering accessories


chicken treats  Who knew they made chicken treats??


Come see these and many other items to keep your chickens comfortable and content at your local Rural King store or find us on the web at







Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!

Hurry, come on in! Attract beautiful birds to your beautiful homes! Get your favorite bird seed today! Great prices all day, everyday!! Enjoy your mornings on your front porch watching these beautiful wild birds chirp from bird feeder to bird feeder! Listed below are a few products we carry for the birds…but remember, we always have more!

a c


We have several different designs and bird seeds in store and online! Hurry come get them while supplies last! Remember…Free Popcorn Every Visit!!

Exercising in Your Bedroom

With winter finally over I am sure we could all benefit from some daily exercise to burn away some of those extra pounds w might have packed on during a long, cold winter.  Exercising has many benefits, including improved cardiovascular and immune system, brain function, better and more productive sleep, not to mention a boosted mood. But excuses for not exercising often focus on lack of time or lack of funds. By exercising in the comfort of your own bedroom, you can work around both excuses. What’s more, you’ll still get in fantastic shape.

Things you may need:

Pure Fitness Ab Crunch & Sit-Up Bench  SKU 12215177

Drive Medical, Folding Exercise Peddler with Electronic Display  SKU 14840667

Razor Hybrid Crossover Workout Exercise System             SKU 17180001

Pure Fitness 65 Cm Fitness Ball With Pump  SKU 12215147

Part 1: Preparing your bedroom:

  1. Designate a place in your room to exercise. To determine if a space is big enough, try laying down and doing ‘snow angels’. If your arms or legs don’t hit anything, you’re good to go!
  2. Purchase any exercise equipment you would like to use. While this step isn’t mandatory, different types of exercise equipment can allow you to do more types of workouts in the comfort of your own space. Some good starter items include:  yoga mat, stability ball, small weights, etc

Part 2:  Warming Up:

  1. Warm up. Even though you’re not leaving your room, it’s important to do a warm up before doing any type of exercise.
  2. Stretch. If you stretch your muscles initially, you are less likely to harm them when doing more vigorous exercise.

Part 3:  Finding suitable exercises for small spaces:

  1. Tone your abs:  Sit ups will tone your abs and help your heart rate pumping.  If you need to, try putting a heavy object on your feet to make sure your sit ups are precise.
  2. Build upper body strength:  You can do this by performing push ups, planks, and lifting weights. Be careful though, that if you decide to lift weights, you don’t hurt yourself, take al appropriate precautions when handling and shifting weights.
  3. Jump rope: Jumping rope is no longer exclusive to first graders, and here is why: jump roping for ten minutes burns off as many calories as running an eight minute mile for most people. If you have space in your room, go for it!
  4. Tone your legs: Not only does running in place exercise your heart rate, it can also tone your legs if you do it often enough. Additional stretching and lunging can also do the trick.
  5. Try yoga: Yoga is a great way to wind down and refresh your mind. It’s also a good, gentle form of exercise that will keep you well toned.


Have you heard the latest buzz? Harvest Lane Honey Products and Bees are Now Available at!!!

harvest lane 2

We recently added Harvest Lane Honey to our list of vendors we supply from online! We are now able to offer all sorts of beekeeping supplies from the Honey Orange Bliss Beeswax Body Salve to sooth even the driest of skin, to the Large Backyard Beekeeping Kit with Full Bee suit and Gloves WWA-103.


Beekeeping is a safe, fun, and rewarding experience that can be a hobby or a way of life. Bees can be kept on very small lots; there are many beekeepers in urban areas that keep Bees on roofs or porches. Check your local, county, and state codes for any laws regarding space.


We offer several different starts up kits, for everyone from the hobbyist to the experienced farmer! Each kit includes:

  • 10 frames assembled with 10 plastic foundations (in each box)
  • 1 flat Wasatch top (protects hive from harsh elements)
  • 1 solid bottom board (hive entrance for bees)
  • 1 feeder
  • 1 inner cover (rests inside the outer cover)
  • 1 entrance reduce
  • Smoker
  • Hive tool
  • 1 lb of smoker fuel
  • Bee brush

Some of our kits also include the full bee suit, available from Child Small to adult 2X! A must have for every bee keeper; the bee suit allows you to get out and collect honey without the sting. This suit has a full zipper, is made of a cotton/poly fabric, thumb holds, fencing veil, zipped legs with elastic wrists and ankles, breast and leg pockets, zipper veil, Velcro closed tab for front zipper. These are also machine washable!



*The processing time for all Harvest Lane Honey Products is 5-14 business days*

also we have bees available for pre-order! Each package includes cage, feeder can, Queen, and 3 pounds of bees. Bees will not be shipped until 4/11 (all orders will be shipped overnight once available.) We have Harvest Lane Honey 3lb. Package of Italian Bees with Queen and Cage and Harvest Lane Honey 3lb. package of Carniolan Bees with Queen and Cage currently available for pre-order.



Click the link below for a quick video about bees!!