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Create Painted Leaf Art on Pumpkins

Looking for a sophisticated way to celebrate autumn or don’t want to carve your pumpkin? There are plenty of ways to feature fall’s “mascot” without the traditional triangle-carved eyes and toothy grin–you can paint your pumpkin using leaf stencils or actual leaves to create a lovely display.

  1. Sand the pumpkin. Using a light sandpaper, create a smooth surface on the pumpkin by applying sandpaper to its skin. Rub lightly, in a circular fashion, to eliminate any bumps or imperfections on the pumpkin’s skin.
  2. Clean the pumpkin. Remove sanded debris and/or any dirt the pumpkin may still have on its skin. Using a damp paper towel, wipe down the pumpkin until it is completely clean. Make sure the gourd is completely dry before painting.
  3. Apply a thin coat of paint sealer to the entire pumpkin. This will prevent the paint from flaking off the pumpkin once you’ve created your design. Allow ample time to dry or refer to the paint for dry time suggestions.
  4. Apply your stencil to the pumpkin. Depending on how you approach this task, you can either trace the stencil on the pumpkin or pin it in place. If you plan to pin it in place, you will most likely elect to simply paint directly over the stencil. This may work best if you plan to use actual leaves (make sure they are completely dry before use).
  5. Paint your pumpkin. Use the stencil as your guide to paint your pumpkin. You could paint around the pre-traced stencil with one color and then use a different color inside the stencil–or leave in its natural, orange state.  Allow the first color to dry before applying the second color.
  6. Add a clear top coat to seal your work. Once the paint has completely dried (this could take 24 to 48 hours depending on where the pumpkin is sitting to dry) apply a thin layer of the top coat sealant to ensure your work stays put. Allow sealant to dry before displaying your pumpkin.

You may need:

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15% OFF Durango Boots – Boots with Style

Are you trying to find the boot that fits, but is not your plain old boring brown boot? Do not look any further! carries a wide variety of Durango Boots that come in many different styles and sizes including Children, Women and Men sizes.

Right now also is 15% OFF on Durango Boots order through the Website. When purchasing online, you will need to use the coupon code, DURANGO15. This coupon code is valid Online Only through August 24, 2014.

Mens Durango Boots

FFA Durango Boot American Flag Durango Boot Camo Durango Boot  Black Durango Boots

Womens Durango Boots

Accessorized Durango Boot  Flirt Durango Boot Heartfelt Durango Boot Susan G. Komen Durango Boot

Children Durango Boots

Children Camo Boot  Children Patriotic Boot Children Pink Rhinestone Durango Boot    Children Purple Durango Boot


DAKA Wood or Coal Burning Furnace 42,000-105,000 BTU 521FB

Are you interested in cutting your heating and energy cost for this coming winter? Rural King has all the things you would ever need, starting with the DAKA Wood or Coal Burning Furnace 42,000-105,000 BTU 521FB.


Ships in 5-7 business days

Regular Price: $849.97

What makes this furnace so great you may ask? Below I have a list of features and parts included that will shock the entire family!


This family is shocked from all of the money they are saving and the features of their new investment!

Another benefit included in your investment is that if you ever lose power, this furnace is still operable. You will still be able to get 50% of the power without creating a fire hazard. Amazing! Right?

Include With Your Purchase:

  • Furnace
  • Blower
  • Single blower cold air return filter box
  • 13 Firebricks
  • Cast iron grate
  • Fan control
  • 4in. junction box with wiring for blower and fan control
  • Auto Damper control
  • Cast iron fire door with gasket
  • Ash pan assembly with gasket
  • Instruction/assembly manual

Features of Furnace:

  • 3/16in. thick steel plating
  • Firebrick lining
  • Heavy-duty cast iron fire door with an easy-to-operate handle
  • Infinitely-adjustable heat settings
  • High-quality Dayton blower with 1/10 HP permanent split capacitor motor and sealed ball bearings
  • Two 8in. warm air outlets on top
  • Firebox is 18in.H
  • To burn coal, furnace requires Soft Coal Shaker Grate Kit (not included)
  • Not for sale in California and Washington
  • Not to be installed in mobile homes

Don’t forget to get your wood pellets and bio wood blocks! We have everything you’ll need to make it a great and safe winter!


Football Football Football

It’s almost that time of year again football fans!  We are only about 4 weeks away from the first NFL game of the year.  The 2014 NFL season, is tentatively set to begin Thursday, September 4, 2014, with the Seattle Seahawks, hosting the Green Bay Packers in the annual kickoff game.

To football fans and college students around the country this means the longstanding tradition of tailgating.   To some people this just means people, food, and beverages.  But to the professional football fan and college student alike, this is much more and Rural King is here to help!

We offer plenty of extra seating for all, from the professionals to college students on a budget.

097350022 147620336

Great Day Inc. Truck N’ Buddy Magnum Black TNB3000MB

Rural King Outdoor Red Folding Camp Chair CFC9107-RK

Did someone say food?  We can even help with getting that meat just right.


traeger_double_commercial_trailer_com190 (1)

Traeger Double Commercial Trailer COM190


Chargriller Super Pro Deluxe Grill & Smoker 2222


Char-Griller Portable Table Top Grill and Smoker #2-2424

We can also provide some extra entertainment.

Louisiana State Tigers Tailgate Toss

Fighting Illini Replacement Bags

5cfb-d-lsu-2 beanbags_illini


Bear Archery

Hunting season is just around the corner and we have 3 great compound bows from Bear that are sure to please.

Our number 1 seller:

Bear Archery Encounter 29/70 Ready To Hunt Compound Bow Package A25527327

Bear Archery Encounter 29/70 Ready To Hunt Compound Bow Package A25527327

Ready To Hunt Package Includes: 

  • Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit
  • Trophy Ridge 3-Pin Fiber Optic Sight
  • Trophy Ridge Stabilizer & Sling
  • Peep Sight
  • Trophy Ridge Quiver
  • Nock Loop

Our Number 2 seller:

Bear Archery Attitude Compound Bow Package 29/70 RTH

number 2


  • Bear flared quad limbs
  • Tight, high-precision limb pockets
  • Advance grip design eliminates hand torque for enhanced accuracy
  • Offset string suppression
  • Smooth Single EZ3 Cam system with rotating module
  • Adjustable draw in 1/2-inch increments

Our Number 3 seller:

Bear Archery Outbreak Compound Bow Package 29/70 RTH

number 3


  • Bear flared quad limbs
  • Tight, high-precision limb pockets
  • Advance grip design eliminates hand torque for enhanced accuracy
  • Offset string suppression
  • Smooth Single EZ3 Cam system with rotating module
  • Adjustable draw in 1/2-inch increments