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DIY Grill Cleaning

Watching the snow fall this past weekend I could not help but image days of sunshine, green grass, and outdoor activities. Thank goodness Spring is just around the corner and it is almost time to pull out the grill!! My husband and I truly enjoy cooking on the grill; there are so many healthy and tasty things you can cook on it. However, grills go unused and forgotten over the cold winter months and begin to collect a whole lot of grime. I found a really inexpensive and easy way to take your grill from grimy to glowing for the Spring and Summer.


What you will need:

 -Heavy duty garbage bags

-Household Ammonia

-Rubber Bands


-1 Cup Measuring Cup

-Rubber Gloves

-Safety Glasses

What to do:

 -Safety first!! Go ahead and grab those gloves and safety glasses, don’t worry you will still look amazing! You will want to grab 2 heavy duty garbage bags and open those to double them up to be sure there will not be any leaking.

-Go ahead and put your grill grates into the doubled up garbage bag. Measure out your 1 cup of ammonia and carefully add this to the garbage bag.

-Now you will want to tie up the garbage bag really tightly with the rubber band. Be sure this is really secure because the fumes are what actually clean the grates not the liquid itself.

-Because ammonia is a toxic substance you will want to be sure to close the bag tightly so nothing leaks out. Also, it may not be a terrible idea to put it on a try or mat. This substance is harmful to animals, grass, and plants.

-Place your bag where it will catch some sun and leave it there overnight.

-The next day you will want to be sure to grab those gloves and glasses for safety and remove the grate from the garbage bags. I would recommend turning your face away as you open it as the fumes will be strong and can burn your eyes.

-At this time your grime should wipe right off with your sponge. You will want to be sure to rinse the grate very thoroughly to get off any remaining ammonia.

-Now you will want to properly dispose of the ammonia still in the garbage bags. The poison control center recommends disposing of the ammonia down a sink where there is good ventilation. The best place would be in a garage sink however not everyone will have this and you will want to do this in a sink where there is a window nearby and have the window open for about 10-15 minutes. If you have any further questions or concerns, you can reach out directly to your poison control center.


I hope you have found this helpful and enjoy cooking on your grill this Spring!!

For more information and step by step details visit 

Organization Tips For Your Garage!

Does anyone else have spring fever?!?!!

As a new homeowner I am itching to get my new garage organized and ready for spring! We purchased our home in October and since the move our garage has just become a catch all of summer outdoor furniture and storage. I have high hopes that this will be the last winter that I cannot fit my car inside of the garage!



1. Declutter!
-Get rid of junk and clutter that you have been holding on to. Stop using your garage as limbo for
items that you have yet to make a decision on!

2. Plan!
-Make a plan for your garage! Using “zones” may be a good way to do so! Common zones are workshop, storage, sports equipment, tools, lawn and garden, and seasonal .

3. Organize!
-Organize the items that you are keeping. Once the decisions have been made for the items you are keeping, group them together. You can use the “zones” that you decided on previously!

4. Consider Storage Solutions That Will Work for You!
-More than other types of storage areas within your home, your garage does not typically have a lot of free floor space. Instead, the floor space must be kept clear so that you can park your cars. Think outside the box when considering options!

5. Label and Inventory!
-The last step (Finally!) in the Organize Your Garage Challenge is to label all the boxes or other containers of stuff you’ve decided to store in there. Make sure to label all four sides of each container, as well as the top, so you can tell from any direction what is in the box.

If your family has sporting items to store, this simple PVC pipe ball rack makes storage a cinch! Also, these are easy to get to for that impromptu game of H-O-R-S-E!


I LOVE using ceiling space for storage. The ceiling is there, unused, available square footage! Why not use it to the best of your ability. Although this suggestion requires precise preparation, it would offer more storage at an affordable price. And it stand the test of time!

Via: FamilyhandymanCreate a Sliding Storage System On the Garage Ceiling


This quick hack using a simple piece of wood and with cut PVC screwed in for a functional display of your most used tool!


Visit your local Rural King for supplies!
(Or visit us online at

Happy Organizing!!

BagBalm: Not just for animals

bagballlmThis is an under rated product for as many uses as it has for both humans and animals. Bagbalm was originally made to relieve chapped udders on livestock in 1899. Since then multiple generations have been using this salve for more then just cracked udders! Wikipedia states, “Originally, it was used for only cows’ udders, but farmers’ wives noticed the softness of their husbands’ hands, and started using the product themselves.”

This product has been used in my family for 5 generations now, you will find one in every one of our medicine cabinets. No matter what is wrong my grandfather will tell you to put bag balm on the issue. This salve does have a faint order but it is nothing worse then most ointments. This is often used as a treatment for chapped,dry and irritated skin, psoriasis, cracked fingers, burns,  sunburn, bedsores and radiation burns. Disclaimer: Now this product is only advertised for chapped udders, the rest of these ailments listed are just what people have claimed to use it for. We also use this or cuts, skin problems, ailments, and cracked paws on our animals as well.

Just last night i burnt my finger while cooking with a skillet. I then immediately put a tiny dab of bag balm on the burn since it was already starting to puff up, and this morning there is only a little mark where the burn was. It is not sore and I do not even notice it. So don’t bother with ice or running it under water or what ever your remedy was for burns, rub a little of this on to the burn and just let it be. The pain goes away relatively quickly and this heals fast so that there is no bubble formed from the burn.

You should check out their facebook page! ( They were just feature in this month’s issue of First for Women as a Drugstore Star for cracked hands!


Thaw a Frozen Pipe DIY

Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of having a frozen pipe after a harsh, cold winter?  If so, you know how expensive and catastrophic it can end up.  Here we will explain how to thaw a frozen pipe before it gets to be an expensive repair.

1.  Turn off the main water switch in the pump-house and disconnect the attached water pipe to the house.


2.  Then insert an ordinary garden hose into the water pipe as far as possible, up to where it was frozen below ground. (In my case this was where the pipe was shallow in 2 places, where it came from the pump house and also where it came into the house).

3.  With an air mattress foot pump, then insert this into the free end of the garden hose and pump, which pushes all unfrozen water out of the pipe around the outside of the inserted hose.

4.  With all water removed, then tape a 2L plastic bottle (with the bottom end cut off) to the free end of the hose, and fill this with boiling water from the kettle a number of times.

5.  Hold up the filled hose to bring the hot water directly to the ice.

6.  Continue multiple times if needed.


Things you may need:


Gilmour 6-Ply Farm Garden Watering Hose 90 Foot 76-9935

SKU: 002840187

Drive Medical, Manual Pump for 14425 Air Mattress, 14426

SKU: 014842977

Something you can also use:

Easy Heat 18′ Automatic Pipe Heating Cable AHB-118

SKU: 000780061

DIY Spoon Mirror

My husband and I are currently on the hunt for our first home so I have been keeping my eyes open for cheap and easy home décor ideas. I stumbled across the spoon mirror and I thought it was so clever I could not resist doing it!

What you will need:

-Plastic Spoons

- Mirror




-Duct Tape


-Spray Paint in your choice of color, be sure it is designed for plastic

-Spray Paint Primer

What to do:

-Cut out a piece of cardboard in the shape and size you would like your finished project to be, This does not have to be a circle. Be creative; try doing square, rectangle, or hexagon.

- Put the mirror directly in the center of the cardboard you just cut to size and then run your pencil around the edge of it. I would recommend leaving this circle just a little smaller than the mirror itself, that way you have a place to glue the mirror to. Now you can cut this center portion out.

- You can use some of that duct tape to go around the edges of the cardboard to “smooth” it out if you choose. I did not and I found mine came out good!

- At this time you are ready to start the longest part of the project…….Cutting the heads of the spoons off! Use the scissors to start the process then I would recommend snapping them apart with your fingers, a little before the handle starts turning into the “spoon” to finish it off. I found if you try to cut it right off is can crack the “spoon” portion.

- Now you will want to start with gluing the spoons to the outside edge of your cardboard and work your way around. Be sure to have the 1st layer of spoons hang over the cardboard about half way. Each new layer you start will slightly overlap the layer before it. Now you can continue until you reach the cut out circle you made earlier where your mirror will go. You will want the spoons to slightly overlap into the opening in the middle.

- Now you can start to spray paint the spoons! This is the best part, have fun with it, go traditional or go crazy with fun colors. You will want to start with your plastic spray paint primer. Once that is set you can go in with your color, Be sure to cover it well so you do not see the spoon or cardboard through it. You may need to do as much as 2 coats to get full coverage.

- Now you can finish it off by gluing the mirror to the back of the piece! I would recommend even adding some duct tape to the back of the mirror to ensure it does not come loose.

- You can hang it with some sawtooth hooks or just a ribbon attached to the back. I think this part you can use your judgment on how heavy/large your piece is.

** This is supper fun and easy to make! You can search “spoon mirror” online and it will bring up multiple photos for some inspiration, some people are really creative! I found to be the most helpful site for directions and guidance check it out for more photos of each step of the process!

I hope you find this as pretty and fun as I did! Check out your local Rural King or online at for some DIY inspiration! 

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