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Hey Teachers!! Great Classroom Project!!


This 8 panel plastic brooder would be a great learning project for kids of all ages!  Hatch chickens, pheasant, quail, ducks or other gamebirds or waterfowl and see the cycle of life begin right before your eyes.  This unit is washable and durable and will bring joy and amazement to your classroom for years to come.

Also pictured is the Brinsea EcoGlow used to keep chicks warm and toasty!

These items can be found at your local Rural King store  or at



Hippity Hop Hop! Bunny Rabbits at Rural King

Rural King Bunny Rabbits

Did you know that some Local Rural Kings carry Bunny Rabbits for Agricultural Usage? Not only do they carry the Bunny Rabbits, but they also carry all your Bunny Rabbits needs.

Rabbit Hutches and/or Rabbit Cages

Rural King carries Rabbit Hutches as well as Cages for your Bunny Rabbit(s). If you are just beginning to raise bunny rabbits, Rural King sells a Starter Rabbit Cage/Hutch Kit equipped with the following: Miller MFG. Rabbit Hutch Kit RHCK1

  • Frame Kit.
  • Rabbit Cage
  • Sifter Feeder and Lid
  • Plastic Dropping Pan
  • 32 oz. Water Bottle and Holder
  • Cage Clips and Wire Clip Pliers




If you are not exactly looking for a Rabbit Cage/Hutch we would recommend looking at our Wooden Rabbit Hutches available for Small Bunny Rabbits and Large Bunny.

Ensure your rabbit is safe with a secure hutch they will be excited to call their home! The rabbit hutch is elevated, and includes a ramp to make it easy for your rabbit to hop into their hutch. Rubber feet are installed on the bottom legs to prevent splintering when outside, or marking your inside floors. Our cage is crated from a fine weather-resistant variety of fir tree lumber and is coated with a protective, non-toxic stain. The water-resistant top is made of asphalt shingles and is designed to protect your pet from inclement weather. (Sold Online Only)

Prevue Pet Small Rabbit Hutch 46Prevue Pet Small Rabbit Hutch 460

  • Assembled: 36” L, 24” W, 35 1/2” H
  • Interior: 31 1/2” L, 20” W, 20” H






Prevue Pet Large Rabbit Hutch 461Prevue Pet Large Rabbit Hutch 461

  • Assembled: 46 1/2” L, 24” W, 36 1/4” H
  • Interior: 42 1/2” L, 20” W, 20” H






Bunny Rabbit Feed

Not only does Rural King carry the Bunny Rabbit Hutches/Cages, there is also Rabbit Feed that is sold as well as Rabbit Treats.

Rural King sell the Manna Pro Select Rabbit Feed: Pro, Gro, and Sho. As well as Rural King carries a Country Road Rabbit Pellet Feed.

Manna Pro (Pro, Gro, and Sho) Rabbit FeedCountry Road Rabbit Pellets


So if your looking to begin Raising Rabbits for Agricultural Use DO NOT LOOK ANY FURTHER! You have found the spot. Rural King will carry a lot of your Bunny Rabbit needs. If it is not available in store, look online at

***FYI: Not all of Rural King Store Locations carry the Bunny Rabbits, but you will still locate Bunny Feed in the store locations.


Don’t forget about your Pets!

Staying warm in this weather can be a battle for us, but think about your pets! Rural King has many useful items to help keep our animals warm along with keeping their water from freezing. At this current time, most of our heated livestock items are 15% off! It is an ease on your pockets and your pets!



Farm Innovators 3 gallon Plastic Heated Poultry Fountain HPF-100  SKU: 011300061


 Farm Innovators 1500W Safe in All Tanks De-Icer SKU: 002700052



Farm Innovators Heated 2 Gallon Bucket HB60 SKU: 002700418



Farm Innovators Premium Bird Bath De-Icer C-50 SKU: 002700337


Farm Innovators 23″ x 29″ Heated Plastic Pet Mat SKU: 00270036



Farm innovators Floating Pond De-Icer Green 1250 Watt P-148 SKU: 011300029

These items and many more that we carry will help make life a little easier for you and your pets. Stay warm!

Tracking Wildlife the Easy Way – Bushnell X-8 Trail Camera

It can sometimes be difficult to choose the best hunting spot on a large area of land. You may find several areas with plenty of tracks, but may be unsure just how many animals there really are. This hunting season, reduce the guess work and setup a Trail Camera in the areas you want a second opinion on.

Bushnell X-8 6.0 Megapixel Trail Camera with Night Vision 119327C

Bushnell X-8 6.0 Megapixel Trail Camera with Night Vision 119327C

The Bushnell X-8 6.0 Megapixel Trail Camera with Night Vision 119327C is a great Trail Camera to use for both day and night surveying. Just mount the trail camera on a tree that will give you a clear view of the area and position it about 2 to 3 feet above the ground. This model has several handy features to make sure you get a shot of all the animals passing through the area. It can be set to go off at specific intervals for up to an hour and it also features a motion sensor which detects movement up to 45 feet away from the trail camera. Its lightning fast shutter speed of 1 second will also ensure that the animal it detected will be in the frame. The Bushnell X-8 is perfect for tracking wildlife at night or early morning, as well. It has 36 LED lights which illuminate the area for a clear view. Once you have left the camera out for a decent amount of time, simply remove your SD card and you can see what the camera reveals about the location you chose.

If you want to get further use of your Trail Camera during the off-season, try setting it up to track predators or use it as a security camera. You could even use it to track wildlife year round to get a better feel of your land. The information you learn from using a Trail Camera could help you get that big buck you’ve always wanted.

New to – MotorGuide Trolling Motors has now began to sell MotorGuide Trolling Motors online. These Trolling Motors are a Factory Shipped Item, so they ship directly from MotorGuide, to you our Customer. is carrying a variety of Trolling Motors for all of you Fisherman with a variety of needs. is carrying Saltwater and Freshwater Trolling Motors.

The Trolling Motor that would be very helpful to any fisherman is the Wireless Trolling Motors, which is available in Saltwater or Freshwater versions.

What are the benefits to having a MotorGuide Wireless Trolling Motor?

Wireless Foot Pedal    motorguide_saltwater_wireless_trolling_motor-_full_motor

It allows freedom to the fisherman by providing high frequency wireless motor commands consisting of: On and/or Off, Right and/or Left, and Faster and/or Slower. These commands make it easy for the fisherman to obtain motor control. The Wireless Foot Pedal is standard with both the Saltwater and Freshwater Trolling Motors.

Cradle Lock Mount

The Cradle Lock Mount allows the trolling motor to hold up against the pounding rough water. This cradle lock comes standard with a quick-release, lockable mounting place that will fit to almost any boat.

33% Stronger Shaft

The shaft that will be included with the Wireless Trolling Motor has a larger diameter as well it is 33% stronger than any other competitor. The shaft with the MotorGuide Wireless Trolling Motors  will have a Lifetime Shaft MotorGuide Model 970100040Guarantee.

Quick-release Mounting Plate

This mounting plate is made of tough extruded aluminum with allows it to lock into place by forming a rock-solid connection. This mounting plates allows you to transport the trolling motor away from the unit when traveling or away for the boat.

Oversized Brushes

The oversized brushes allow the brushes to last longer as well as helping maintain a longer battery life for the trolling motor.

Built-in Battery Indicator

To maximize the fisherman’s fishing time this built-in battery indicator provides four levels of charge data.

As you can see, the MotorGuide Wireless Trolling Motors contain great features for any fisherman, but if you are not wanting a wireless trolling motor, we still carry a variety of other MotorGuide Trolling Motors online at