What Can Having a Chicken Do For You?


What can chickens do for you?


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Children can participate in all chicken-related chores!

Did you know that a chicken is easier to take care of than a dog? You don’t have to walk a chicken, you don’t have to give it a bath, it won’t dirty up the house, or break any valuables. All you have to do is make sure that they have food and water and of course that their coops are clean of droppings.

The kids would have to go out and get the eggs that have been laid, but every child could use a little responsibility. Some chickens, as long as they are in a happy environment, can produce up to 300 eggs a year! Think of all that money you could save!


 Chickens are a great way to meet people and start conversations!

People are naturally curious about people who raise chickens. From brief conversations with the Rural King cashier who is curious about why you are buying a case of generic corn. Chicken-talk is fun. People ask genuinely interested questions. (Most frequent question: Do you have to have roosters to get eggs? Answer: No.)

 What do you do with all that waste?

So you’re thinking my backyard is going to be full of waste. What can you do with that waste? Do you have flowers in the front yard that could use a little help after this harsh winter? Put the chicken poop around your flowers. Are you going to be starting up a veggie garden? They could use some fertilizer as well!

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  1. James LindleyJames Lindley

    We’re fortunate that we live in a part of town that’s grandfathered for having animals. We used to have dogs and cats, and now the only pets we have are chickens.

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