De-Icing Frozen Fuel Filters

Are you looking for a way to prevent fuel-filters from freezing? Are you looking for a way to extend the life of your fuel injection pumps and fuel injector? Are you looking for a way to make fuel last up to three times longer?

If you answered yes to one or all of the questions above then we have the right products for you. Rural King carries multiple different fuel additives that can get the job done for you year round!

How to De-ice Frozen Fuel Filters

Water is dissolved in and carried by all diesel fuels. At temperatures below +32°F, water that has collected in fuel-filters freezes. This causes decreased fuel flow to the engine and results in reduced engine power or engine shutdown.

To de-ice frozen fuel-filters, check to insure that diesel fuel in the equipment fuel tanks is not gelled. If fuel is liquid:

  • 1. Remove fuel-filters.
  • 2. Empty remaining liquid from fuel-filters.
  • 3. Fill fuel-filters with 50% Diesel 9•1•1® and 50% diesel fuel.
  • 4. Re-install fuel-filters.
  • 5. Start engine.
  • 6. If outside temperature is below +20°F, add Power Service Diesel Fuel Supplement® +Cetane Boost® as directed to prevent further gelling.


Here is a list of some of the products below:

079790008_1Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Treatment 16oz.

howes_diesel_fuel_treatment_w_anti-gel_103060Howes 1/2 gal. Diesel Fuel Treatment with Anti-Gel 103060

power_service_911_diesel_fuel_supplement_treatment_8080Power Service 911 Diesel Fuel Supplement                                                                                                        Treatment 2-1/2 Quart 8080

090181023_1Power Service Diesel Fuel Supplement Treatment                                                                                                             80oz 01080-06

090180642_1Power Service 911 Diesel Fuel Supplement                                                                                                              Treatment Quart 8025


*Remember: Always store at room temperature*

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  1. Rachelle Reeves

    My uncle is a truck driver, and he often has to drive through Canada. He has had multiple occasions where the fuel has frozen because of the low temperatures up there. I’ll make sure to show him these tips, and to show him the treatment products to help him avoid that.

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