How to Protect Your Car From Mud, Fur, and Slobber

Keeping a clean car is tough when traveling with your canine companion. Taking your dog camping, hiking, to the beach, or on any outdoorsy adventure can lead to a very dirty dog – and car! By prepping your vehicle for these messy instances, you’ll be able to save time cleaning and spend more time with your pup. Follow the guidelines below and say goodbye to constant mud, fur, and slobber taking over your car.

Clean Dog Kitdog clean bath

If you’re hitting the road, whether it’s for a day in a nearby park or long weekend hiking excursion, it’s important to keep a dog cleaning stash in your vehicle. After a great day together, no one wants to spend hours cleaning. Just as you would keep a first aid kit in your car for medical emergencies, keep a clean dog kit in your car for mess emergencies!

The main two items to include are a towel and a filled water bottle. The size of your dog will determine the size of the towel – ranging from a tea towel to a beach blanket. Keep at least 8 ounces of water in your car. These items are essential for cleaning your pup before he or she even steps foot in your vehicle. Stop the mess before it happens! Use the water to pour on dirty paws and wipe clean with the towel. If your dog loves the water, or the two of you get caught in the rain, the towel will also be useful for drying your dog before getting in the car. Don’t forget to have a recycle bag in the car, too, to put the dirty towel in after it is used.

Car Seat Cover

Kurgo car seat protector

You just bought a new car and are ready to go on an adventure with your dog! Not so fast – make sure those squeaky-clean car seats are protected. Based on where your dog is most comfortable riding in the car, will determine the car seat cover option that is best for you.

If your dog likes riding shotgun, try a Bucket Seat Cover. For middle row riders, try the Wander Bench Seat Cover or the Wander Hammock. The bench seat cover will stretch across your entire middle row and comes in two sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your car. This will cover your total middle seat from headrest to foot and door to door. For something that offers a bit more coverage, consider a hammock style seat cover. This cover connects from the headrests of the middle row to the headrests of the front seats. Not only will this keep dirt off your seat, it will also keep your floors clean. The hammock also serves as a safety precaution for dogs and can keep them from falling into the foot area of the car.

As you are looking for the best fit for your lifestyle, consider that not all seat covers are made the same. Kurgo’s seat covers are made with materials that are waterproof, stain resistant, and can be put in the washing machine. To easily determine the solution that is right for you, check out this video on how to choose a car seat cover.

Door Guarddog car door guard

You’re now prepped for cleaning your pup before he or she gets in the car and know the importance of using seat protection. What about all that slobber that gets on the inside of the car door from Fido sticking his head out the window? A simple Car Door Guard will do the trick. This device covers the inside of passenger doors, and

prevents scrapes from paws and catches the drool. Drive comfortably knowing that your dog is enjoying the car ride, just as much as you’re enjoying a clean vehicle.

Mud and dirt are signs of a great outdoor adventure with your canine best friend, so don’t let them hold you back! Prep for your next adventure together with the right dog car accessories and every trip will be made easier.

Andie Missert is a Marketing Specialist at Kurgo Products. She manages the Kurgo blog and enjoys reading about unique adventures that dog owners go on with their pups.