diy birdseed ornaments

Simple DIY Birdseed Ornaments: Feed the Birds!

Fall and Winter can be rough times for wild birds in your area. Some struggle to find food, so it’s a great idea to set out bird feeders, suet cakes & balls, and these awesome DIY Birdseed Ornaments. They are easy and cheap to make. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy watching plenty of colorful, feathery friends throughout the cold months.

Feeding Wild Birds

bird eating birdseed from a feederI feed my local birds year-round because I love watching them flutter around in the mornings, they always bring a variety of bright colors to my yard, and they are the best at getting rid of those pesky bugs that eat me up along with my garden.

The most important time to feed wild birds is during the cold season. Of course, this is the best time to feed because there is less forage available for the birds to feed themselves.

In fact, the overwinter survival rate of birds doubles when they have access to bird seed!

Grab a bird feeder, suet ball or cake, or create your own birdseed ornament to help the birds in your area. Just think, if you feed wild birds now, they will stick around throughout the Spring and Summer. That means you’ll get to enjoy your newfound feathery friends all year!

For more tips and tricks to turning your yard into the perfect spot for your local birds, make sure to check out our blog, Create a Wild Bird Paradise in Your Backyard.

DIY Birdseed Ornament

I love this recipe for birdseed ornaments because it’s easy, there aren’t many ingredients, and they look so darn cute hanging up in the backyard.

birdseed ornament diy in my backyard ready for wild birds to eat

You Will Need:


  1. flour, water, and corn syrup mix up to make birdseed ornamentsLine your cookie sheet with wax paper. You can spritz the top of the cookie sheet to help hold the wax paper in place.
  2. Mix your flour, water, and corn syrup together thoroughly in your mixing bowl. Once the mixture is smooth and creamy, slowly mix in your birdseed a little at a time. Mix to combine
  3. Pour the birdseed mixture on top of the wax paper on your cookie sheet. Press and spread the mixtures until it’s flat and even. It should be about 1/2″ to 3/4″ thick.
  4. finished birdseed ornaments made into cookie cutter shapes with holes to hang in the backyardPrep your cookie cutters by spraying them down with some cooking spray. Then, press the shapes into your mixture. Once you have the cookie cutters in, poke a hole with a straw for your twine. Let your birdseed set for 8 hours, leaving in the cookie cutters.
  5. After your mixture has sat for 8 hours, remove your ornaments from the cookie cutters. Make a loop with your twine through each ornament and hang outside.

NOTE: Be sure not to place these in trees that are too close to windows or glass doors. This may cause birds to injure themselves by crashing into them. Be sure to check out our bird feeding article for tips on best bird feeder placement.

Bird Feeding Fun!

Do you enjoy bird feeding? What kind of seed mix do you use? What are your favorite bird breeds to watch? Let me know in the comment section below!