Do It Yourself Hand Scrub

This dry winter weather is just drying my hands out like crazy!! I have been looking for an easy and inexpensive DIY hand scrub and stumbled across this one. Using this 1-2 times a day has helped my dry hands smooth right out!

What you will need:

-Dawn brand Olay hand renewal dish soap

– Sugar

Mason Jar

– Butter knife or spoon (I find the butter knife works best)

ball_mason_jares_60000   sugar

What to do:

-Fill your Mason jar ¾ of the way full with your sugar

-Now you can add the dish soap leaving a little extra room at the top (you will need to add a little extra sugar after stirring)

-Stir the sugar and soap together at this time and if more sugar is needed continue to add it as you go until you get a pasty consistency.

– You are ready to use the hand scrub!! I would recommend using 1-2 times daily, for me I use it once in the AM and once before bed.

hand scrub    hadn scrub 2

The pretty pink color would make this a great Valentine’s Day gift for next month! You can jazz the jar up with some ribbon or labels for any occasion really.

One thought on “Do It Yourself Hand Scrub

  1. Yvonne

    My daughter and I make this scrub using olive oil in place of Dawn. Great on hands, feet, and face. Leaves skin sift and well moisturized. I plan to make this one with Dawn for my husband to use in the barn
    for cleaning hands after working on his antique tractors and equipment. Thanks for sharing

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