Do It Yourself Shotgun Shell Wreath

I always struggle after the Holidays on how to decorate the outside of my house. Right now, you can still keep up the snowman decorations, but that is about it. After I went exploring a little bit, I found a Shotgun Shell Wreath, which I believe would look great hanging on a door during any season. Instead of buying a Shotgun Shell Wreath online, how about using a little creativity and making one yourself. It would be “one of a kind” to your own home decorations.

Items Needed: 

  • 100-200 Shotgun Shells (Depending on how full you are wanting your wreath to look.)

*** You can purchase Shotgun Ammo at any Rural King Store Location except online. There is a greater variety of Shotgun Ammo at Rural King Store Locations that have a Gun Barn.

  • 6′ Long Piece of Foam Tubing (Purchase any Local Hardware/Plumbing Store)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Duct Tape

Instructions for Assembly of your Shotgun Shell Wreath:

  1. Begin by cutting the Foam Tubing to the desired length you will want your wreath. 
  2. Connect the two ends of the Foam Tubing with Duct Tape.Foam Tubing
  3. Now it is time to begin the placing of the Shotgun Shells on your wreath. You will need to have your hot glue gun warmed up with the Hot Glue Stick melted and ready to use.
  4. Add the Shotgun Shells by placing the Hot Glue on the shell and holding it on the Foam Tubing for 1-2 Minutes. Keep on repeating this step until you have the fullness of the wreath you are wanting.  

Shotgun Shell Wreath Step 1

Shotgun Shell Wreath Step 2

Shotgun Shell Wreath Step 3

(Optional) – Now you can decorate your Shotgun Shell Wreath by adding anything you would like. Example: Burlap Bow, Evergreen Stem, Berry Garland, Pine Cones, etc. 

Shotgun Shell Wreath 3  Shotgun Shell Wreath 2

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