Drexel Imitator Plus Glyphosate


I hope that everyone had a fantastic Mother’s Day!

Today I will be talking about one of our most popular weed killers, Drexel Imitator Plus.  Drexel is  the generic form of RoundUp and it control weeds, grasses and brush.  The functions and benefits of Drexel include the following:

  • Contains 41 percent Glyphosate
  • Same Active Ingredient as RoundUp
  • Use “over-the-top” on RoundUp Ready Corn, Cotton and Soybeans.
  • One Quart — Makes well over 10 gallons of liquid spray. Read label before using.
  • One Gallon — Makes well over 40 gallons of ready to use spray. Read label before using.
  • 2.5 Gallons — Makes well over 100 gallons of ready to use spray. Read label before using.

Need a sprayer to distribute your Drexel?  Why not take a look at these!

Unfortunately due to different state and county regulations we are unable to ship to Nevada, Utah, and Washington.

For Product Label: click here

For MSDS Sheet: click here

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