Earthquake Mini Cultivator Tiller MC43

After all your hard work planting your garden, unwanted weeds can often grow in between your crops and take needed water and nutrients from your plants. The Earthquake Mini Cultivator Tiller MC43 is a perfect solution to this problem. This small, lightweight Cultivator can easily rid your garden of those pesky weeds. It is easy to push between your crop rows and small enough that you won’t damage the plants you do want to keep. As an added benefit, your soil will be aerated and the weeds will be pushed underground where they will provide nutrients to your crops. This Cultivator features a 43cc Viper engine with a 250 RPM tine speed, 10” tilling width and an adjustable 4” tilling depth, and is easy to assemble and carry.

Earthquake Mini Cultivator Tiller MC43

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