Earthway Precision Walk Behind Garden Seeder 1001B

Are you ready for the spring planting season? Plant your garden the fast and easy way this year with the Earthway Walk Behind Precision Garden Seeder 1001B.

This seeder includes six seed plates which will plant a variety of sweet corn, radish, leeks, spinach, carrots, lettuce, turnips, beans, peas, Jumbo peas, beets, okra, and swiss chard seeds. To plant the seeds, simply select the plate suited for your seed, adjust the depth of planting on the ground opener, set the 36” long row maker to your desired width and push the seeder along your garden rows. The seeder will do all the hard work for you: tilling the soil, planting the seeds with the appropriate spacing and covering the seeds up all while preparing the soil for planting of your next row.

There are also a variety of accessories available to purchase for the Earthway Precision Garden Seeder 1001B. The Earthway Fert-A-Ply Side-Dress Fertilizer Attachment 1500 allows you to fertilize your garden while you plant. We also have replacement belts and a replacement Set of Seed Plates available.

In addition to these, now has the Blank Seed Plate 18106, Optional Seed Plate Set 60010 and the Seed Plate Storage Case 1100-A available for purchase online.

Earthway Walk Behind Precision Garden Seeder 1001B

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