Rural King’s Fairy Garden Guide

Fairy gardens are a perfect way to bring magic to your backyard. Creating a fairy garden is very simple, fun for the kids and grandkids, and it can cost little to nothing if you like crafting and being creative. Rural King has joined the fairy garden fan club! Today, we’ll teach you how to create 3 fairy garden landscapes using tools and materials that you can pick up at Rural King. Once you know how to make your own display, enter to win up to $100 in our Fairy Garden Contest!

Ladybug Lane

Ladybug Lane fairy garden display

Ladybug lane is our woodland themed fairy garden. It uses a lot of colors and cute pieces from the Rural King fairy garden collection.

For this display, I used a wooden crate for the base. It matched the theme well and wasn’t too big to move around if need be.

The most entertaining part of creating your own fairy garden is adding pieces to all areas of the display. By simply adding a fairy door to the bottom of the wooden container, I was able to add another level to my display.

For a final touch, I added some battery-powered leaf lights. They fade from one color to the next and made this display really pop!

Pixie Pond

Pixie Pond fairy garden display

Fairy gardens don’t have to take up much of your garden space. You can create a small display, like our Pixie Pond.

My base is Terra Cotta bowl. I set the draining plate on top and added soil to that. This is a great idea if you don’t have much extra soil. Plus, using less soil means it won’t be as heavy, making it a more mobile display.

To add an extra layer to the garden, I placed a smaller Terra Cotta planter with its draining plate on top of it. This gave the display a second level and made this plain scene a bit more exciting.

All of the pieces used here came directly from our lawn and garden center and the fairy garden supplies, including the battery-powered butterfly lights. These lights will add a bit of magic to the garden at night.

pixie pond fairy garden display close up

Fairy Farm

This garden shows off our love of the rural lifestyle. Using the small farm animals from our Rural King store, we added an extra layer to the realism of our scene.

For the base, we used two galvanized containers (one short and round, and the other taller and oval-shaped). We filled them both with peat moss and started building on top.

We used fairies from Rural King’s Fairy Garden collection (ask about it the next time you’re in your local Rural King). For some “buildings,” we used smaller galvanized buckets.

    fairy farm garden display

The Lost World: Something for the Kids!

fairy garden lost world

What is the point of creating a mystical fairy garden if you’re not going to get creative?! We got this idea from another Rural King store location. They had set up displays of fairy gardens with our small plastic dinosaurs. I loved the idea and decided to recreate one at our store!

Let the kids be part of the fun!

The YardCraft Kids Wheelbarrow was our starting point. I chose the green one to kind of blend in with the garden. We also have red and yellow versions if they are a better fit for you.

To make a small “volcano,” I piled up some pea gravel. I also spread the rocks out a bit to build a little path for my dinos and fairies to walk about.

the lost world fairy garden display    

Fairy Garden Extras: Add That Touch of Magic!Rural King fairy garden display

There are a ton of little touches you can add to your fairy garden to make it look more “live-in.” Below are some ideas you can create with stuff you can find in your house right now!

Bottle Cap Stepping Stones

Collect the caps from your bottles, paint them bright colors or grey, and place them in a line leading to a tiny, fairy house. You can also create a small game of hopscotch by painting numbers on them.

Twine and Twigs!

In fairy gardens, some twine and twigs can make a lot of different pieces. You can make a small rope ladder, fencing, a swing set, and so much more.

Using Rocks for Texture

You can do a lot with different rocks you find. Different colors and shapes add texture to your garden. You can also use rocks to make stone fairy houses. Simply glue rocks to the outside of an empty bottle or planter. Add a door and windows and you have a fairy house!

CONTEST: Create Your Own Fairy Garden!fairy garden Rural King Contest

If you’ve been considering starting your own fairy garden or already have one, you could be a winner. Rural King will be giving away 3 prizes for customers who send in pictures of their fairy garden.

The contest will run from 4/27/18 to 5/11/18.

Here’s how you enter…

Step 1: Create a Fairy Garden

Step 2: Take a Picture of Your Fairy Garden

Step 3: Like Rural King Supply and Post Your Picture on Our Facebook Page

Step 4: Make Sure You Use #RKFairyGarden

Step 5: Share the Contest Post with Your Friends for a Second Chance to Win!

Step 6: Win a $100, $50, or $25 Rural King Gift Card!

Learn More!

Check out our other Fairy Garden Blog to learn more tips and tricks for your fairy garden. Use the comment section below to share your creative ideas with other gardeners!

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