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Fairy Gardens – Fun for the Whole Family!

Here’s a project for the whole family that Mom will love:  fairy gardens!Fairy gardens are easy for kids to put together and also help introduce them to gardening! They’ll love making the container for Mom and also love taking care of the plants and decorating it later.Fairy garden with a white picket fence, gazing balls and pond in a flower pot

Creating Your Fairy Garden

First, you’ll need to choose a container for your fairy garden. You can use the size of the container that works best for your space.

Make sure the container you choose has drainage holes in case of overwatering (especially with excited little gardeners around). If there is no drainage hole in the container, you can either drill one or be careful with watering.

Planters   Whiskey Barrel     Clay Pot

2.  Next, you should choose your plants.  Be sure to choose small plants that will not grow too large, such as succulents.


3.  Third, fill your container about 3/4 full of potting soil and plant your small plants in the container.  Make sure to leave room for your other decorations in the pot after the plants are settled.


4. Next, create the fairy’s world.  You can add rock pathways and fences to make your fairy garden inviting.  You can use wooden craft sticks to create furniture, houses, and fences, and this set of wooden shapes will help your imagination create anything you can think of!

Don’t forget the wood glue to hold the furniture together!

Make sure to seal the wood on any of the furniture, especially if it will be sitting outside.

Fairy Table & Chairs  Fairy Bench  Fairy Table & Chairs

Mom will love this fairy garden gift, and so will the kids! They’ll love taking care of the tiny plants and moving around the decor. It’s a great way to introduce them to gardening!

Post pictures of your fairy gardens in the comments!  We’d love to see them!