Fall for Fall

One of my favorite things about fall is the decorations. I love driving past people’s houses and seeing pumpkins and pretty fall flowers even hay bales and corn stalks!

You can find good quality pumpkins and well-tended, beautiful mums at your local Rural King.

There is a great pick of variety too!

20131002_160406     20131002_160512

All you really need for great fall yard decor are these two things right here! You can even add some hay bales and really get fancy with it.

20131002_160450   1234


If you don’t have much room or just prefer to, keep it simple..

outdoor decor     autumn-decorating-101a

It really is what ever you prefer. If you are like me and have no yard at all because you live in a tiny apartment, just get a small pumpkin and make your house smell like the outdoors of fall make you feel.

Just get some Candle Art Pumpkin Spice 6.25 oz Wax Melt for your candle warmer and your whole place will be smelling wonderful in no time!


For a wonderful draw to the eye just grab a cute little pumpkin and it would bring everything together.


All of these items can be purchased at your local Rural King. Have your yard looking cute for the fall season! (:


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