Feed Birds Suet to Keep Down the Bugs

Suet is a good choice for attracting insect-eating birds.  Suet can be purchased as processed cake that includes seeds, berries, and other ingredients like this one, from St. Alban’s Bay, available at Rural KingSuet is a high energy formulation of animal fat and other ingredients to attract insect eating birds, which, in return, help keep down the insect population in your yard. It is also a quick source of heat and energy for birds, who’s metabolisms are set on fast forward. It traditionally has been used as a good substitute for the insects that birds usually feed upon but are not plentiful in cold weather. Suet can be presented all year long.  Offering suet in a wire cage or suet log is a low-maintenance bird feeder. You refill only once every week or so, you never need to scrub the feeder, and you can leave it in your yard year round. Presenting suet in your backyard will also attract a greater variety of birds for your enjoyment.