Fencing 101: Basics for Your Farm

Proper fencing is essential on the farm; keeping livestock in, pests out. With so many options to choose from, it can be tough to find the right fencing for your project. The information below will help you choose the right fencing for you and give you some tips and tricks for installation.

razor wire farm fence

Fencing Basics

If you’ve never installed a fence before, basic knowledge can go a long way. Below, we will cover fencing material, styles, and sizing information.

Fencing TypesElectric fencing around lovely pasture with farm animals

  • Woven Wire Fence
  • Electric Fence
  • Barbed Wire
  • Rail Fence
  • Mesh Wire Fence
  • High-tensile Fence
  • Cable Fence

Reading a Fence Style Number

A Fence Style Number is used to give you quick details about the roll. For our example, I’ll use a common fence style number: #1047-6-9

Goat poking its nose through fencing

  • The first two numbers (10) are the number of horizontal wires on the fence, also known as lines.
  • The second pair of numbers in the first set (47) will always be the height of the fence. This is represented in inches, so our example is 47 inches tall.
  • The number after the first hyphen (6) will be the amount of space (in inches) in between each vertical wire.
  • The last number (9) is the gauge of the wire. The larger the number, the thinner the wire.

How Much Fencing Do You Need?

Follow Red Brand’s┬áDiagram to help calculate how much fencing you’ll need for your farm.

Fencing Knots

Your fence will only be as strong as the knots connecting everything together. We’ll go over the three most common knots, today. If you have a personal favorite, let me know what it is and why!

S Knot

Also known as the Square Knot, this knot will prevent your fence from sagging or buckling. It’s great for taller fences, as it adds vertical strength. It’s stable and rigid, yet still flexible, making it perfect for hilly terrain.

Fixed Knot

If you live in an area with grizzly weather conditions, the Fixed Knot or Cross Lock Knot will be your best friend. It’s designed to provide remarkable┬áresistance to movement from animals and severe weather.

Monarch Knot

Living up to its other name, the Hinge Joint, this knot is most-commonly used as a hinge. It can give under pressure but springs back to its normal position.

Making Fencing Easy

Now, I can’t say that putting up a fence is the easiest job, but I do know some folks that make it a bit easier. Red Brand has a Fencing Guide that is great for looking up quick facts.

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