Getting your dog ready for summer

If your dog is normally an outside dog or spends a great deal of time outside make sure they have access to shade at all times also a doghouse is a nice idea if you don’t have a great spot to put them.

 The ASL Solutions Insulated Dog House Palace DP20 is great option, because it can be easily converted for summer or winter!

Insulated Dog House Palace DP20

It is very important to make sure they have access to water at all times. The 13 Quart Galvanized Ever Full Bowl is an awesome idea because all you have to do is hook it up to your hose and your dog has constant supply of fresh water!

13 Quart Galvanized Ever Full Bowl

Also your dog is gonna start shedding soon, if they haven’t already. So another way to help keep them cool is to help them quickly get rid of that extra fur. You can help them by giving them a bath with Bioguard Shampoo, spraying them with Dog or Puppy Shed-Stop and brushing them. For brushing during this high shedding time of year I would recommend the Oster Shedzilla Dog Grooming Rake.

Oster Shedzilla Dog Grooming Rake

It is also very important to treat for fleas now. It is so much better to treat for them now than, to have to fight to get them off your dog and out of your home. First you will want to get them out of your yard with Bayer Advanced Power Force Multiple Insect Killer Concentrate 32oz. Make sure not to let pets or children into the yard until after the spray has dried. Also you will want to treat your dog with a flea treatment Frontline is a popular one carried by Rural King. If fleas happen to make it into your home, no worries we can help! I recommend the Enforcer Flea Fogger 2 Pack W/FGR EFF2.

Right now is the perfect weather to walk your dog! Your local Rural King is a great place to get your dog a new leash or collar! Also walking your dog can mean you will need to carry something with you to pick up poop with. :( Don’t worry we have something for that! :) The Poop Posse!


The Poop Posse

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