Love Honey? Try Beekeeping!

Beekeeping is a safe, fun, and rewarding experience that can be a hobby or a way of life. With this simple, all-in-one kit, you can begin your beekeeping opportunity the moment the bees arrive.

One of many great products from Harvest Lane Honey is the Harvest Lane Honey Backyard Beekeeping Kit,. which includes the following:

  • Outer cover
  • Inner cover
  • (2) Deep Hive Bodies
  • (20) Frames, assembled with plastic foundation
  • (1) Medium Honey Super
  • (10) Medium Honey super Frames, assembled with plastic foundation bottom board
  • (1) Metal Queen Excluder
  • Entrance Reducer
  • In-hive Feeder
  • 3×6 Smoker
  • 1lb Bag of Smoker Fuel
  • 9.5″ Steel Hive Tool
  • Bee Brush
  • Full Bee Suit and Beekeeping Gloves

100% Painted & Assembled and ready to go. The best most complete kit they have.

Harvest lane

Beekeepers reap countless benefits from their hives, including relaxation, garden support, self-reliance, and the environmental advantages of supporting endangered pollinators. And let’s not forget the sweetest reward: fresh, organic, home-crafted honey!

Bees are kept comfortably almost anywhere, even on balconies in the middle of big cities. If you are conscientious about placement, beekeeping is safe and simple in any setting. With the proper tools and care, your bees and your family (even your pets) can co-exist perfectly.

So if you enjoy the sun and being outside and want to pick up a new hobby, why not have your own garden full of honey?!

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