11 Grilling Accessories Every Avid Griller Should Have

The wait is finally over. Grilling season is here! But, before you slap on those burgers and brats, Rural King has eleven grilling accessories you need if you’re an avid griller. Up your grilling game with these tools that make it possible to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner in your backyard!

Pick Your Grill

Before we get our list started, you’re going to want the right grill.

Pellet Grills

pellet grillI’m partial to the pellet grills because they are so versatile. Last grilling season, our grilling experts made desserts, side dishes, all kinds of meats, and even breakfast foods on their pellet grills.

They work very much like an outdoor oven. Anything that can be made in an oven can be cooked the same way on your pellet grill. Plus, you’ll add that smokey taste to your dishes.

If you’re looking to crank up your grilling game, you’re going to want a pellet grill. Take a look at one of our Pit Boss Rancher Pellet Grills. They are heavy-duty, easy to clean, and can create all kinds of delicious smoked foods. Add a variety of flavors to your food with a bag of Lumber Jack Grilling Pellets.

Charcoal Grills

weber kettle grillUsing charcoal makes for a smokey taste without the cooking control of a pellet grill. You can’t simply set a charcoal grill to a temperature and walk away. You have to be there to control the heat and placement of your food.

Charcoal grills can get to a higher temperature than most, so these grills are perfect for cooking meat. You can get a great sear from a charcoal grill that you just can’t get anywhere else.

This Weber Kettle Grill is perfect for backyard BBQs. It has a 363 sq in. cooking space, one-touch cleaning system, and wheels for mobility.  Grab a bag of Kingsford Charcoal and try it out at your next cookout.

Gas Grills

Big Horn 4 burner gas grillPropane grills make it easy to get out and cook for a crowd. They are easy to start, heat up quickly, and can easily have multiple cooking zones.

Many folks love gas grills because it is so easy to cook your food evenly. On a charcoal grill, you have to fight the fire to make sure your food isn’t overcooked here and undercooked there. Gas grills don’t have that problem. Just set the heat and flip!

Big Horn also has a line of gas grills! This 4-Burner Gas Grill is great for backyard BBQs. You can grill the chicken, veggies, and burgers at the same time!

Don’t Forget Your GRILL COVER!

11 Must-Have Tools to be a Grilling Guru

Now that you’ve picked your grill, it’s time to grab your grilling tools and plan your next outdoor event! If you want to grill for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, these are the accessories you’ll need:

Grill Brush

grill brush grilling accessories

Whether you clean your grill before or after cooking, you need to make sure you clean your grilling grates. Learn how to easily and properly clean your grill with our DIY Grill Cleaning Blog.

Meat Shredder Claws

steel meat shredding claws grilling accessories

  • If you like pulled pork, shredded chicken tacos, or chunky chicken noodle soup, you’re going to need a pare of meat shredder claws. This grilling tool tears through cooked meats with ease…and makes you feel like a bear. Can’t beat that.

5 Piece BBQ Tool Set

5 piece BBQ grilling tool set with meat thermometer

  • Utensils used for grilling need longer handles than their kitchen brethren. This keeps your hands out of the heat, fire, and juice splatters. Keep a set of tools in a carrying case to take on tailgating trips!

Pizza Stone

grilling accessories pizza stone

  • If you’ve never had a grilled pizza, you are missing out. It’s a great way to get kids involved in the prepping process. Check out our Grilled Pizza Post to have amazing pizza without the delivery fee.


BBQ LED Grill Light

BBQ LED Grill light accessories

Blackstone Breakfast Kit

blackstone breakfast kit for grilling

  • Breakfast on the grill?! Delicious. Use this breakfast kit to make pancakes, eggs, bacon, breakfast sausage, and more. Bacon NOT Included….sorry.


Grilling Apron

grilling apron


rotisserie kit for grilling

  • Rotisserie grilling is favored by many cooks because this slow-cooking process bastes the meat as it turns, resulting in a moist, delicious roast. This attachment will hook up to your grill and allow you to slow cook large meats with style.

Meat Thermometer

meat thermometer grilling accessories tools

Grill Press

grill press


Grill Mats

grilling mat

  • Stop letting your small/thin grillable items fall through the cracks! You can slap on a grill mat and keep everything safe. No wasted food, and less mess to clean!

What Should We Grill First?

Our grilling experts have given us all kinds of recipes. Check out our Recipes Category to try a few!

We want you to be part of the experience! What is your favorite thing to grill? What is something that you don’t think we can make on a grill? Let us know in the comment section below!

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