Happy Happy Happy!

Are you counting down the days to the Duck Dynasty Season 4 premiere? (Premieres August 14, 2013-10/9 CSTReady for another thrilling adventure?

“Life is about to get a little hairy for Alan Robertson. The clean-shaven pDuckDynastyastor, 47, is set to join the rest of his family, the famously bearded Duck Dynasty clan, on their hit A&E reality series this fall, the New York Post reports. Alan is the eldest of Phil and Kay Robertson’s four sons — his younger brothers are WillieJase, and Jep – and the only one who doesn’t a) have a big, scraggly beard, and b) work in duck call manufacturing.”-US Magazine

Show your support by gearing up with some Ducky Dynasty apparel.  You can even enjoy your sweet tea out of Uncle Si’s notorious tea cup!  Start season 4 off right.


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