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How CCD Affects Pollinators

CCD, or Colony Collapse Disorder, causes an average loss of 30% of beehives annually since 2006.

Obviously, bees are not the only pollinators on earth. They are, however, the largest contributors to animal pollination. Other pollinators include bats, butterflies, insects, and birds. In honor of National Pollinator Week, June 19-25, 2017, we have the basic information you will need to join the fight to save our pollinators.

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First, Some Statistics

It’s important to understand just what pollinators do and why saving them has become so important. You can see the tremendous impact they have on our food supply and our economy in these statistics:

Pollinator Statistics

Also, according to a 2016 United Nations committee report, up to 16% of vertebrate pollinators, like birds and bats, and 9% of insect pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, are threatened with extinction.

Causes of Pollinator Deaths

There are no quick and easy answers for what is causing the threat to our pollinators.

First, current agricultural practices leave no space for wildflowers or cover crops, giving no shelter from predators and weather. Also, today’s fields are mostly weed-free, which means food sources for pollinators are dwindling.

Green Field

Second, Varroa mites, first reported in Florida in the 1980’s, have become extremely dangerous to honeybees. They will parasitize an entire bee colony by feeding on both adult bees and larvae. These dangerous parasites have spread throughout the US from their origin point in Florida and can spread throughout a colony and to other colonies very quickly. You can find more information on Varroa mites here.

Third, the use of pesticides known as neonicotinoids is especially harmful to pollinators. These pesticides remain in the stems, leaves, and pollen of plants, meaning that pollinators ingest them and carry them back to their hives and nests, infecting others around them.

Spraying herbicide

Also, climate change has directly impacted bumblebees in North America and Europe. According to an article in Science magazine, climbing temperatures have changed growing seasons and regions all over the world. Most animals have adapted by following their food sources, but many bumblebee species have not been able to make this change by moving their habitats north. Their inability to adapt to climate change is leading to a huge decline in the bumblebee population.

Bumble bee on a flower

The UN committee report also indicated that more research needs to be done on the effect pollinators have on genetically modified organisms. Crops that are resistant to insecticides and insects may also cause adverse reactions in pollinators.

What is CCD?

CCD, or Colony Collapse Disorder, is a mysterious circumstance causing massive honey bee deaths around the world. The phenomenon was first noticed in 2006, and steps have been taken to counteract its effects.

According to the EPA, CCD happens when worker bees abandon the hive and the queen. The queen and drones, unable to fend for themselves, eventually starve to death. Hives cannot sustain themselves without worker bees. 60% of hive losses were attributed to CCD in 2008, but that number had declined to 31.1% of hive losses in 2013.  The decline in CCD-related losses is a positive step, but more action can help.

How Can You Help?

One easy way to help save the pollinators is to plant a pollinator garden. Every little bit helps. The Pollinator Partnership provides planting guides for the planting regions in North America on their website.

Flower Beds to help with CCD

It’s important to provide a variety of plants for pollinators in your garden. Different colors, textures, and blooming cycles will help attract the largest variety of pollinators. In the case of butterflies, you should also provide plants to feed their larvae (caterpillars).

To make pollination more efficient, plant in groups.

In addition to providing variety, please take care to only plant native species. Non-native species can sometimes take over an area and cause damage to an ecosystem. Your local Master Gardener group or extension office can help you determine the native plants for your area.

Many herbs and annuals work well for pollinators.

Bird bath

Also, provide water sources for the pollinators near your garden, so they get everything they need. Butterflies, especially, need muddy puddles, since that water provides the minerals they need to remain healthy.

Leave fruit on the ground once it falls from the plant, as well. Many pollinators are attracted to overripe or rotting fruit.

Use plants at varying heights to help provide shelter from the elements and predators.

manicured landscaping to help with CCD

Try to avoid using pesticides, especially neonicotinoids. Target only invasive and problematic species.

Leave dead tree trunks and limbs on the ground to provide a habitat for wood-nesting pollinators.

You may already be doing several of these things in your flower beds and landscaping without realizing it. Making a few more adjustments can help pollinators a great deal! If everyone makes just a few changes, we can make a huge difference in the fight to save pollinators.

If you have the room, consider keeping some beehives of your own! Which brings me to the below:

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Please share your beekeeping experiences and tips in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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        Am a newby for bees but am extremely interested and would appreciate equipment for getting started thanks for all the great information

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      3. Tim O'Dell

        Started bee keeping last spring and lost 2 out of 3 hives, but this year have got 3 swarms and all are doing great. I live in central Illinois and I would like to know what is thought of the fairly new practice of agricultural fungicide application by plane I believe this is harmful to bees. Am i incorrect or what do you think?

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    3. Tim Niccum

      I have found that captured swarms seem more winter and pest-hardy, although more aggressive, than the shipped Italian strains. I have lost about half of my colonies each year that are Italian, but these more dusky-looking locals (possibly Russian?) haven’t shown signs of disease, pests, or winter failure.

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      We have begun a produce patch near Paris Illinois just north of The Paris Rural King which we have been to many of times. We have just planted close to 300 fruit trees in the next 3 to four years we will have apples and peaches. The need for pollinators is great for all fruit and vegetables To win this would get us on the right path to have bee help us with our produce

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      I am stunned that our culture is so singular in its selfish awareness of our environment. We decimate our own existence for artificial gains. Our lives are symbiotic relationships and we have failed in our responsibilities. I only hope that I can make a difference in my tiny sphere of influence; getting back to my roots in small farming, bees, ducks and permaculture.
      Thanks for all your efforts and education!

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  95. Bradley Hopper

    I could use one of these. Just started a couple years ago and have been busy with making increase. I’m up to 20 hives so next year I’ll need to purchase an extractor to harvest. I love that I can go to my local Rural King and purchase things I need in case of emergencies. Cost of equipment is my biggest obstacle. Have yet to experience CCD but know commercial beekeepers that have. However I feel we are facing bigger issues in the industry and CCD seems to be the combination of those. With loss of habitat being the biggest and imported pest being a close second. Pesticides seem to be less of an issue. Neonics are a safer pesticide then the sprays we use to use. Herbicides pose a bigger threat because they kill bee forage at a crucial point in the year and contaminate the pollen the bees need. Another big threat to the industry is that it is an aging one. Most beekeepers are 50+ and are looking at retirement. With no young people not wanting to get involved we may face collapse. I had only wished I started in my 20s instead of my 30s. Education and outreach programs can help get people interested and involved. This should be and is quickly becoming the norm with clubs and programs popping up over the country. With all that being said CCD is a combination of issues facing the industry. However I do see the light at the end of the tunnerl. With state agencies planting pollinator habitats, education in the schools, the Hobby Farm movement, more outlets to sell products, and community awareness. The stress on pollinators and beekeepers will lessen in the years to come. I would like to take this time to gratitude as an up and coming beekeeper to Rural King for providing easy access to equipment and for bringing awareness to this essential asset to our planet.

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  98. Wanda

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  119. Dr. Amber Hoffstetter

    We are also interested in keeping bees. We are starting a produce farm and we plan to keep bees to help with pollination of the vegetables. To help protect the different pollinator species we will not spray chemicals on the farm especially during bloom and will plant different areas with wildflower mixtures to provide a diversity of species for pollen and nectar throughout the growing season.

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    thanks for the blog.

  132. Jon skaggs

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    Would be nice to win the Honey Extractor Giveaway.
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  145. Frank G. Simmons

    Unfortunately, people don’t realize the importance of pollination by the bees!!! But in the same breath, all the insecticides that are being used by the farmers to control weeds and insects that prey upon the crops are having a huge impact on the pollination prosses!!! Man has to figure out a happy medium, or the food change will become non-existent!!! I’m retired and have been giving serious consideration to buy some hives and try to help this crisis!! I live out in the country, on 12.5 acres with all kinds of fruit trees and fields of clover, so I think any effort is a positive step!!!

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  179. Betty

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    Check your hives and keep your hive tool sharp!

  184. Jim Burris

    I started beekeeping five years ago sort of by accident when a friend asked if he could put his hive out at my place. Since then I have expanded to three hives and extract honey every year for friends and family. Not only have the bees improved the yield of my vegetable garden, they have been a fun hobby.

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  189. Sean Hartman

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  190. Brette

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  191. Sharon Dolin

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  194. Melinda Miller

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  195. Gerald J Fuller

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    I hope every flower gets a great bee.

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  224. Scott Thorn

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  226. Stacie Poch

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  227. Ed Fuentes

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  228. Jeremy Draper

    First year, started looking into it because I was curious and thought it would be a fun hobby and great to have for our garden and the neighbors Apple and peach trees. My wife suggested that I speak with my FFA advisor from high school who has ten hives, after spending the day with him going thru his hives, I was hooked and I purchased a hive from him that he had just started from a swarm that he caught. The hive had been moved into my property and I have learned something new everyday. I have attended a beginning bee keeping seminar at a local bee keeping store a couple weeks ago. Once my son gets a little older I hope to have him hooked as while and I hope to expand next year with a couple more hives. I hope to win so that I can continue to learn and teach my son a skill and a craft that he can continue.

  229. Ryan

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  230. Dalton Westerbeck

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  232. Jeff Bauman

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  233. Jessie Schmidle

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  237. J. Abbitt

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  238. Dawn Brosnan

    We just caught a wild swarm in May and have been loving watching the bees come and go. Our Queen has been producing and has an excellent laying pattern. We just added another brood box for her to expand her population. Honey is just an added bonus for us but they get their share first!

  239. Colin West

    We have just recently acquired a hive on our little farm. This would be a great help. Thank you for the opportunity.

  240. chris johnson

    We have talked about getting bees but it is kind of expensive. This would help off-set some of the start up cost.

  241. joseph s kirk

    Just got my first hive started from a swarm I caught myself 3 weeks ago they already have drawn comb brood and honey in the hive body its almost full I don’t have any honey tools and this would be amazing to win lol bee keeping has become somthing very special to me and I’ve never had so much fun doing my part!

  242. Kendra and Staley

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  243. Justin Couch

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  244. Will Merrill

    Spread the word: If you have insects on your property or in the walls of your home or other building, call a beekeeper BEFORE you spray with bug killers! Once honey bees are sprayed with poison, they are of no value to beekeepers. Niether is the honey those bees have produced. I would not feed “treated” honey to the bees extracted, to my bees, or put it in a bottle and try to sell to you.

  245. Jessi

    I am so glad RK is bring more awareness to pollination! I was blessed to catch several swarms this year! This would be a blessing to win as well!

  246. Paige

    Hello from KY! I received my first hive last year. Appreciate the tips on planting flowers for the bees. I have about an acre field beside my house that I would like to convert to a flower garden for my bees. Any tips on what to plant in KY?

    1. Sue Francis Post author

      Hi Paige,

      I’d check with your local farm extension office or your Master Gardeners for tips on what to plant in your area. Thanks!

  247. William Moran

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    My family and I would love to help save the bees! Would be a great thing to pass onto the kids.

  250. Brenda Whetherholt

    My dad started out wIith bee keeping in 1965 in Medina Ohio. Where he bought a book by a man named Root. It was his guide to bee keeping that we still use today. When he moved to WV he continued his love for bee keeping and sold honey for spare income. Then we moved to Glenford OH in 1970
    where he started his bee keeping again. The only time we regretted it was on the 4th of July 1983. The hives got bumped with a push mower that dad was using and I was on a riding mower. The next thing I know I am being attacked by angry bees! Off to the hospital with to many stings to count. I was fine other than my body over reacting to all the stings. In 1984 my father past away and after a while we gave up the bees. I think now that we have grandchildren would be a good time to start again to teach them how important bees are to their future.

  251. Priscilla

    I would love for this to BEE ? my newest Hobby. I am Rural King Fanatic, and would be so happy to win?

  252. Michael Kay

    I love my bees. I have one hive now and I can sit and watch them fly in and out of their hive for hours. Very relaxing.

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