How to Build Your Own Man Cave


The man cave is a special part of the house designated to the owner’s pursuits and entertainment, including spending time by himself or with his buddies.  The man cave should be filled with the essence of the things you enjoy most, be-it sports and hobbies, paraphernalia from your favorite teams, to a well-stocked snack bar.

Step 1: Choose the Space: Obviously, the word “cave” is very loosely used in developing a man cave.  The space can be your attic, garage, an unused bathroom, the shed out back, a basement, or anywhere else that is spare, has plenty of elbow room, and is left unused for the most part.

Step 2: Be prepared to negotiate: Having your own man cave may require delicate negotiations and compromises in the house, you may need to agree to something in exchange for the chance of building your own man cave. One of the other things you might end up agreeing to include: a sewing room, exercise room, TV playroom, astronomy observatory, sauna and spa, model collection space, and anything else your spouse/partner/kids/teens/other householders think is fair to twist your arm for. Give in as much as possible; the resulting peace will be worth it.

Step 3: Decide what you want your man cave to look like: Be as creative as you can be, but this also means you don’t have to try too hard unless you want to.  Make sure to keep the theme simple, your favorite stuff will stand out better if the room is not too crowded and cluttered.  Paint or paper the walls a color that will lift your spirits, brighter colors will give a sense of more light coming in and more space.  Make sure to do some research and check out photos of other successful man caves and what normally works.

Step 4: Decide what you want your man cave to contain: This is where things begin to get exciting and it might be hard to restrain yourself, things to think about including:

A mini fridge, you do not want to have to leave your man cave every time you need a new beverage.

A HUGE flat screen TV-the bigger the better.  Does not matter if you are watching a game or your favorite action movie, you do not want to be caught watching it on your mini portable tube.

Really comfy armchairs-As many as you can cram in so your buddies have a place to sit

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Games: It’s impossible to ever have too many of these in your man cave, from board games to card games, a pool table to a table tennis table, whatever fits in and do not forget lots of video games plus the console.

Computer with internet access:  You will want to be able to check if your fantasy team is winning, right?

Outdoor furniture: More rustic, durable, and fits most man caves.

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Step 5: Make sure you include sports equipment to keep you fit, or at least let the wife think you are: The man cave cannot be all fun and games, reserve a space for the physical activity of choice to keep you fit, strong, and manly.  Think dumbbells, jump ropes, or a bench press.


Step 6: Have some reading material and gadgets on hand: Magazines, books, 3D puzzles, strange gadgets nobody’s sure what to do with yet.


Other Tips:

-A man’s man cave is his cave; don’t let anyone tell ou how to decorate or arrange

-Keep supply of seemingly useless junk on hand to entertain you and your buddies.

-No room in house for a man cave? Consider the garden shed, tool shed, or tree man cave.

-Be sure to understand why you want a man cave in the first place.  Without a full understanding of this, you may not end up with what you wanted in the first place.

-Is it to display a collection of “manly” things that don’t fit the décor of the house?

-Is it to have some hobby or quiet time?

-Is it to keep noisy activities from disturbing others?

-Will others spend time there, or just you?