How to Camouflage an Ammo Box

It is hunting season again, and there is no worse feeling than finding that trophy winner and letting him slip through your fingers because he spotted you from afar.  Make sure that the camouflage you are wearing from head to toe is not for naught by camouflaging your field ammo can.


First thing you will need to do is obtain an ammo can.  Rural King recommends the all plastic Plano Molding Field Ammo Box 1312 or the Plano Extra Large Field Box 1812 to keep your precious ammo out of the elements.  SKU: 031801244   SKU: 031801666

Ammo Box

Next you will want to sand down you ammo box, making sure the surface is smooth of nicks and sanded down so that the spray paint will adhere well.  Make sure to wipe away any sand dust or any other dirt or particles that may be present.

Now you will want to purchase some natural colored spray paint, forest greens and browns work really well. SKU: 049213515  SKU: 049212671   SKU: 049212642



Now that you have your spray paint, open the ammo can and lay it flat, if you are going to be working over a surface other than grass you will want to put down some type of covering, flattened cardboard boxes work very well.

Now shake the spray paint can and start spraying, keeping an even distance from the ammo can surface to get an even coating and avoid lingering in one spot too long.  Spray in a somewhat random pattern, you need a blotchy sort of final product without any recognizable pattern.

Give ample time for the paint to dry in a well ventilated area.

Fill your ammo can with whatever your ammo of choice is and Happy, Safe Hunting!