How to Remove a Tree Stump

Have a tree that you recently cut down but now you are stuck with a stump that you can’t get rid of?  Want to remove small trees from your yard or fence row?    Learn how to remove trees and stumps with Dow Tordon’s Ready to Use Specialty Tree & Stump Herbicide.  Dow Tordon is a great stump killer.

How to Remove a stump

There are three different application methods that you can use for tree removal and stump removal.

Tree Injection Treatment:

With this method you will want to use 1 milliliter of undiluted Tordon RTU solution through the bark completely around the tree trunk at intervals of 2 to 3 inches between edges of the injector wounds.  Make injections near ground level when using the tree injector or 2 to 4 feet above the ground when using a Hypohatchet Injector or similar device.  Treatments can be made in any season.  Maples should not be treated during the spring sap flow.  With some difficult to control species such as dogwood, hickory, sugar maple, bigleaf maple, tanoak, and some firs, application to a continuous cut rather than to spaced cuts may be more uniformly effective.

Frill or Girdle Treatment:

Make a single hack girdle or “frill” of overlapping ax cuts through the bark completed around the tree as close to the ground as feasible.  Spray or paint the injured surface with undiluted stump killer, using enough volume to wet treated areas.  This method is most effective for stump removal.

Stump Treatment:

Spray or paint the cut surfaces of freshly cut stumps and stubs with undiluted Tordon RTU.  The cambium area next to the bark is most vital area to wet.  With the use of Tordon and some know-how, you will never ask How to remove a tree stump!

Ready to Use Specialty Tree & Stump Herbicide

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One thought on “How to Remove a Tree Stump

  1. how to remove A tree

    There is going to be a moment when you have got to take out a tree from ones back yard garden.
    That’s a difficult task but the greater difficulty is eliminating the
    tree stump that remains. It’s fundamental to remove it or else you are going to entice pests
    to your garden (and invariably your house) so you really should give
    consideration to your options for this.


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