It is almost gift giving time!!


Do you have someone you need to get a gift for and it is extremely hard to shop for them??

I have a few brothers that I never know what they would want. My solution: Get them a Rural King Gift Card! That way they can buy what they want at a place they love!

We have many different designs available. You also have a range of amounts to select from.

birdfeeder       catdog (1) christmas_house_gift_card         tractorhorse        christmas_snowman_gift_cardchristmas_barn_gift_card      christmas_dog_gift_card

Just choose the design you want and the amount you need and place an order! There is no shipping or tax charge!

So if you have a person that is hard to buy for, worry no more! We have just what they want.

Gift Cards can be purchased online and in store!! Which ever is convenient for you!!

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One thought on “It is almost gift giving time!!

  1. Phillip Thurman

    The most difficult person to shop for in all my family is my dad. No matter what we have bought over the years he said he didn’t need it, had ten more somewhere else or returned it. Just about the only way possible to buy him anything is a gift card. Then he can’t return it and he can’t say he has ten of them. He has to find something to spend it on.


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