Tools to Improve Your Gardening Season!

It’s time to get out there and start planting your gardens and flower beds. Here at Rural King we have a lot of gardening options. One thing I love is the watering globes. It can be tough to know how often and how much to water your plants or flowers, but with the watering globes things have gotten a lot easier. What you do is fill the globe with water and place it in the ground. When the soil dries out it releases oxygen in the globe which then pushes the water into the ground. The plants will never get over watered or have too little water with this handy device.


Another item we have that is especially handy is the Step2 Garden Kneeler Seat. After spending an hour bent over the garden trying to get everything planted, your back starts to ache and you can no longer ignore the pain. Well, why not avoid all the hassle and just use the Garden Kneeler Seat? This will give you the perfect height to get down there and do what needs to be done without having to continuously strain yourself. It makes gardening easier and more enjoyable, the way it’s supposed to be!