Keurigs! Now at Your Local Rural King Store & Online at!

Does anyone else ever feel like they just can’t live without a cup of coffee in the morning, but you really don’t need to make an entire pot, you just want a cup to drink on your way to work. I do! My fiancé rarely  wants coffee when I do  (or the same kind that I do)  so if I make an entire pot it gets wasted, and it’s a sin to waste good coffee. So I always try to just make a cup worth but I still always end up wasting a little bit, and I hate that.

I’ve found that a Keurig works wonderfully for us! I can make just a cup at a time! Also if I want say a dark roast, and my fiancé wants a blonde roast, there isn’t any arguing about what kind to make! It’s wonderful! And the best part is we never waste coffee!




Rural King now offers a bunch of different k-cup flavors, and some other super handy Keurig products! We have everything from Perfect Ice Teato French Vanilla Iced Coffee!  Check them out!

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