Last Train to Clarksville!

I would like to use this opportunity to entertain you with some of the notable history about one of our store’s locations. Our Clarksville, Tennessee store is our 22nd and it opened at 1141 Ft. Campbell Boulevard in 2001. This city’s roots stretch back to before the Revolutionary War and today it is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation.

Clarksville is located on the Cumberland River and, as of the last census, was home to over 130,000 people. The Clarksville area was first surveyed in 1768 and was first allowed to be settled by former soldiers of the Continental Army for whom the federal government was unable to provide other compensation for their service leading to the birth of our nation.

Since its beginning, Clarksville has always given more than most in service to the military. Union victories at nearby forts Henry and Donelson during the American Civil War claimed the lives of many of the sons of Clarksville. In February of 1862, Union ironclads captured the river forts but they would not remain in Federal hands for long. Clarksville residents fought back and control of the city switched hands several times before the end of the war.

Reconstruction followed the war and Clarksville continued growing and thriving until the Great Fire of 1878. The courthouse, many historic buildings, and 15 acres of the downtown business district were destroyed and subsequently rebuilt. Nothing can keep them down!

In 1942, Fort Campbell was built ten miles from the city and is the home to the 101st Airborne Division. Originally built to house 23,000 troops, Fort Campbell provided a huge boost to the economy and population of Clarksville and the surrounding area.

As well as the other remarkable residents of Clarksville, many famous people have called the banks of the Cumberland home including such notables as Roy Acuff, Jimi Hendrix, Little Richard, Jeff Purvis, and Mark Day!

Make sure to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend at the Robert Clark Park and Blueway Ribbon Cutting and explore life during the 18th century at Sevier Days: a free event held at 120 Duncan St from 10 to 5.  Also, many interesting historical sites can be found within 3 miles of our store at 1141 Fort Campbell Blvd. so fuel up with a free cup of coffee and some popcorn before heading out to learn more about the great city of Clarksville, TN!

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