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Mouse Repellent That REALLY Works!

Ask any farmer who has incurred tens of thousands of dollars of machinery damage by mice. Or, ask an RV owner whose beauty got infested in the off-season. Just ask anybody who just hates cleaning up mouse poop! A tiny mouse can create a big problem, and you’ll be left with the bill. Read on for the top mouse repellent to keep mice away from your home, farm, and equipment.

The best preventative for rodent damage is a mouse repellent. Modern repellents are easy to use, safe, and best of all, they work.

In fact, a 2015 study by the Centers For Disease Control & Prevention has shown that rodent populations are rising across the United States. This spike started in the North East and is spreading to the Mid-West, including states like Illinois and Indiana.

With mice being the primary carriers of Lyme disease and the hantavirus, they are not critters you want leaving a mess in spaces you spend hours of time. (Think of all the hours you spend in a tractor cab or car, breathing in what’s in the environment.)

Of course, traps and poisons do work at controlling mice. They’ve been around for decades. However, you have to ask yourself, “do I want to be checking traps every week in winter? Do I want mice eating poison and dying in the headliner?”

These solutions work on mice, but they also make you do extra work to ensure they are safe and effective. There are simpler, safer methods out there.


Grandpa Gus cab mouse repellent

Each pack of Grandpa Gus’s comes with four pouches. You only need one pouch per machinery or vehicle cab. For an RV, use a couple more

  1. Place a pouch in one corner of the cab
  2. Minimize air flow—the less air flow, the stronger and longer the pouch will be effective
  3. Replace every 30 – 60 days—if the peppermint and cinnamon smell diminishes, replace the pouch

All Grandpa Gus’s natural rodent repellent pouches come in a re-sealable coffee bag so you can lock in the freshness of unused pouches throughout the season. If you place a pouch late in the year before snowfall, odds are it can last into the winter when mice stop moving.


Grandpa Gus Mouse Repellent Spray Cab

Grandpa Gus also has a solution for engine wiring called Grandpa Gus’s Potent Mouse Repellent. (It’s called “potent” because it contains 10x the active ingredients of mouse natural rodent repellents.)

This handy spray is easy to apply: simply spray down your tractor, truck, RV, snowmobile, or lawnmower wires with the spray, let it dry and spray it again. If a mouse tries to chew on that area they’ll get a cinnamon-tasting burn on their tongue and want to leave the wires alone.

The product also works well for protecting pallets or bags of seed, or even in your house—just spray a little Gus along your baseboards. When mice run through the dry solution, it gets on their paws. Since these vermin are constantly putting they paws near their face they’ll run the residue on themselves. Naturally, they’ll want to stay away from where they ran and got the burn.

Pick up your Grandpa Gus’s mouse repellent today at your nearest Rural King store and protect your property before mice get there.Grandpa Gus Mouse Repellent Spray Cab

What do you grab when you see a mouse? Let us know in the comment section below!

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2 thoughts on “Mouse Repellent That REALLY Works!

  1. Dwight D. Cole

    I use mine to clean the inside of my pickup, including the dashboard and air vents. I open the doors and blow from one side, then the other. Then, if I vacuum, there is very little to sweep.

    1. Mandi Mundhenk Post author

      Dwight, I am going to have to try this out the next time I clean out my car. This technique will be great for getting started. Thank you for reading and sharing!

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