New to – MotorGuide Trolling Motors has now began to sell MotorGuide Trolling Motors online. These Trolling Motors are a Factory Shipped Item, so they ship directly from MotorGuide, to you our Customer. is carrying a variety of Trolling Motors for all of you Fisherman with a variety of needs. is carrying Saltwater and Freshwater Trolling Motors.

The Trolling Motor that would be very helpful to any fisherman is the Wireless Trolling Motors, which is available in Saltwater or Freshwater versions.

What are the benefits to having a MotorGuide Wireless Trolling Motor?

Wireless Foot Pedal    motorguide_saltwater_wireless_trolling_motor-_full_motor

It allows freedom to the fisherman by providing high frequency wireless motor commands consisting of: On and/or Off, Right and/or Left, and Faster and/or Slower. These commands make it easy for the fisherman to obtain motor control. The Wireless Foot Pedal is standard with both the Saltwater and Freshwater Trolling Motors.

Cradle Lock Mount

The Cradle Lock Mount allows the trolling motor to hold up against the pounding rough water. This cradle lock comes standard with a quick-release, lockable mounting place that will fit to almost any boat.

33% Stronger Shaft

The shaft that will be included with the Wireless Trolling Motor has a larger diameter as well it is 33% stronger than any other competitor. The shaft with the MotorGuide Wireless Trolling Motors  will have a Lifetime Shaft MotorGuide Model 970100040Guarantee.

Quick-release Mounting Plate

This mounting plate is made of tough extruded aluminum with allows it to lock into place by forming a rock-solid connection. This mounting plates allows you to transport the trolling motor away from the unit when traveling or away for the boat.

Oversized Brushes

The oversized brushes allow the brushes to last longer as well as helping maintain a longer battery life for the trolling motor.

Built-in Battery Indicator

To maximize the fisherman’s fishing time this built-in battery indicator provides four levels of charge data.

As you can see, the MotorGuide Wireless Trolling Motors contain great features for any fisherman, but if you are not wanting a wireless trolling motor, we still carry a variety of other MotorGuide Trolling Motors online at

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