Thaw a Frozen Pipe DIY

Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of having a frozen pipe after a harsh, cold winter?  If so, you know how expensive and catastrophic it can end up.  Here we will explain how to thaw a frozen pipe before it gets to be an expensive repair.

1.  Turn off the main water switch in the pump-house and disconnect the attached water pipe to the house.


2.  Then insert an ordinary garden hose into the water pipe as far as possible, up to where it was frozen below ground. (In my case this was where the pipe was shallow in 2 places, where it came from the pump house and also where it came into the house).

3.  With an air mattress foot pump, then insert this into the free end of the garden hose and pump, which pushes all unfrozen water out of the pipe around the outside of the inserted hose.

4.  With all water removed, then tape a 2L plastic bottle (with the bottom end cut off) to the free end of the hose, and fill this with boiling water from the kettle a number of times.

5.  Hold up the filled hose to bring the hot water directly to the ice.

6.  Continue multiple times if needed.


Things you may need:


Gilmour 6-Ply Farm Garden Watering Hose 90 Foot 76-9935

SKU: 002840187

Drive Medical, Manual Pump for 14425 Air Mattress, 14426

SKU: 014842977

Something you can also use:

Easy Heat 18′ Automatic Pipe Heating Cable AHB-118

SKU: 000780061

DIY Spoon Mirror

My husband and I are currently on the hunt for our first home so I have been keeping my eyes open for cheap and easy home décor ideas. I stumbled across the spoon mirror and I thought it was so clever I could not resist doing it!

What you will need:

-Plastic Spoons

- Mirror




-Duct Tape


-Spray Paint in your choice of color, be sure it is designed for plastic

-Spray Paint Primer

What to do:

-Cut out a piece of cardboard in the shape and size you would like your finished project to be, This does not have to be a circle. Be creative; try doing square, rectangle, or hexagon.

- Put the mirror directly in the center of the cardboard you just cut to size and then run your pencil around the edge of it. I would recommend leaving this circle just a little smaller than the mirror itself, that way you have a place to glue the mirror to. Now you can cut this center portion out.

- You can use some of that duct tape to go around the edges of the cardboard to “smooth” it out if you choose. I did not and I found mine came out good!

- At this time you are ready to start the longest part of the project…….Cutting the heads of the spoons off! Use the scissors to start the process then I would recommend snapping them apart with your fingers, a little before the handle starts turning into the “spoon” to finish it off. I found if you try to cut it right off is can crack the “spoon” portion.

- Now you will want to start with gluing the spoons to the outside edge of your cardboard and work your way around. Be sure to have the 1st layer of spoons hang over the cardboard about half way. Each new layer you start will slightly overlap the layer before it. Now you can continue until you reach the cut out circle you made earlier where your mirror will go. You will want the spoons to slightly overlap into the opening in the middle.

- Now you can start to spray paint the spoons! This is the best part, have fun with it, go traditional or go crazy with fun colors. You will want to start with your plastic spray paint primer. Once that is set you can go in with your color, Be sure to cover it well so you do not see the spoon or cardboard through it. You may need to do as much as 2 coats to get full coverage.

- Now you can finish it off by gluing the mirror to the back of the piece! I would recommend even adding some duct tape to the back of the mirror to ensure it does not come loose.

- You can hang it with some sawtooth hooks or just a ribbon attached to the back. I think this part you can use your judgment on how heavy/large your piece is.

** This is supper fun and easy to make! You can search “spoon mirror” online and it will bring up multiple photos for some inspiration, some people are really creative! I found to be the most helpful site for directions and guidance check it out for more photos of each step of the process!

I hope you find this as pretty and fun as I did! Check out your local Rural King or online at for some DIY inspiration! 

IMG_1361   IMG_1370   IMG_1381


DIY Easy, Saltdough Prints!

DIY Easy, Saltdough Prints!

Valentine’s Day has already creeped up on us and is this weekend! I have found an easy project for the little ones or anyone for that matter. This project is quick, easy and fun! If you can’t think of anything for that special someone, friend, or family member, This is the route to go!

Things You Will Need:

Step One:

  • Mix All Ingredients In A Bowl.
  • Mix Very Well All Together.
  • Make Sure All Ingredients Are Mixed Into A Ball.
  • You Can Judge If You Need More Water.

Step Two:

  • Shape The Ball of Dough Into Whatever Shape You Like.
  • Put Your Design, Handprints, Footprints On Top Of The New Shape.

Step Three:

  • Place Your Shaped Stone On a Cookie Sheet.
  • Bake at 200 Degrees F for 3 Hours.
  • Make Sure It Is Dry and Cooled.
  • Paint The Stone If You’d Like!
  • Let It Dry.

dough dough1 dough2 dough3 dough4 dough5

Peace of Mind While On The Grind

Tired of stressing out about the safety your valuables? Wish you could watch them, and others that pass through your home or place of business?

Sure you could buy a couple of ferocious pit bulls, poisonous rattle snakes, and vicious sharks to protect your assets, but how about you just invest in a security system. What better time then now with the special price we offer on our Defender Security Systems?


Don’t need the 16 camera package? We have over 10 different packages that are available for purchase to fit your home and business needs. Now you can protect your valuables without having to pay for an expensive instillation fee.


Don’t worry, we can even get you a package that includes the ability to record even at night with the lights out. We have 4 different Defender Security options that offer night vision.

Deterrence [di-ˈtər-ən(t)s]: the act of making someone decide not to do something: the act of preventing a particular act or behavior from happening.

Sure it will be nice to catch an individual that vandalizes or steals your property, but how about keeping them from entering with those not so honest intentions all together? As a deterrence you could purchase warning signs, and imitator globes and cameras. These imitator globes will also be a good idea if you can’t afford as many cameras as you would like. If you put these up in an area that doesn’t necessarily need surveillance, then that will help strengthen your security system, by putting fear into the individual lacking morals.


Stop by and check out the different systems that we have, for your home and/or business you won’t regret it!

Work in Style, with the new 2015 Georgia Boots!

Here at Rural King we have ton of different vendors of boots, but ONE of our vendors we are going to show you is called Georgia Boots.  You’ve heard of them? OF COURSE YOU HAVE!

Georgia Boots is one of our TOP SELLERS, Not only do they look stylish (Guy’s it is okay to have good looking boots at work)  But they are durable, and can last you a long time.

Here are a few our of over a handful that we have in store as well as online

Georgia Men’s 6″ Giant Work


  • Full grain leather – Molds to your foot
  • Repairable Goodyear welt construction – Replaceable outsole, solid footing, long lasting
  • EVA midsole – Comfort
  • Oil resistant bumper guard – Long life, low maintenance
  • Unlined Quarters
  • Internal Padded Collar
  • High performance lining – Durable, dry comfort
  • Steel shank – Solid stable work platform
  • Covered cushion insole – comfort underfoot

Don’t believe the statement above? here are some reviews off our website.


This is our #1 seller 


These Georgia Pull-On Muddog Comfort Core® Work Boots are durable and very comfortable. They’re made from the toughest materials, such as SPR leather.

Compared to traditional leather, SPRTM leather is roughly 3 times as strong and resists abrasions 2.5 times as well.  It’s chemical-, oil-, and slip-resistant due to a rare blend of proprietary materials.The rubber “Phoenix” outsole also is hard-working; it resists chemicals, oils, heat, abrasions and slips. It also is non-marking and provides flexibility and cushioning.

The Comfort Core® insole provides cushioning, ventilation and is equipped with a heel plug for shock absorption. Underneath, a fiberglass shank has been assembled into the base of this work Wellington for arch support and steady footing.

Barnyard- and ranch-approved, the chemical-resistance and comfort will make you want to pull on these round-toe 11 “ boots – easy to do with pull straps and a dipped topline.

  • Oil Resistant Rubber “Phoenix” Outsole
  • Leather shaft
  • Supporting steel shank – Solid stable work platform
  • Molded waterproof TPU shell – Dry comfort
  • High abrasion and moisture wicking mesh lining – Dependable long-lasting comfort
  • Removable polyurethane Comfort Core Airflow orthotic insert – Won’t compress, shock absorbing



You can find more information and more styles of Georgia Boots in your local Rural King store or check out our website at

Thank you,

from your friends here at Rural King