Modernized Pumpkin Carving!

Spice up your pumpkin carving skills with a drill.  You don’t have to worry about handling carving knives. You can just use different sizes of drill bits for all sorts of designs.  You won’t have to be limited to the standard jack-o-lantern face. Make your magical fall nights twinkle.  It is a very simple process.

First you need your pumpkins. You can buy these at your local Rural King.


Secondly, you would need to carve a large circular opening into the bottom of your pumpkin. Clean out the inside thoroughly, scooping away the pulp and seeds with a spoon.


Next, make a rough design on paper first, then mark the dots on the pumpkin with a permanent marker (which can be found at your local Rural King or Try a swirling or geometric design, or randomly space dots on the pumpkin shell.


You would then need to drill holes using a drill. You can use difference size drill bits for different sizes of holes. Rural King sells several different types of drills.  This would be a great excuses for revamping your tool collection. Check out all the drills Rural King has to offer by clicking here. :)

The last step required is just to fill the pumpkin with some type of lights. You can use candles or even get an extra use out of your old Christmas string lights.

Once you have your pumpkin all set up, just put it out for the world to see just how creative you are.

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Fall Decortations

It’s that time of year again!  Fall is approaching and all the beautiful colors will be coming out.  Our stores are stocking up on mums and pumpkins.  You can use them alone to decorate the house or you can spice things up and create some fun in your family.  101657958.jpg.rendition.largest (1)All you need are some pumpkins and some paint for these candy colored pumpkins!

101768772.jpg.rendition.largestGet the kids to gather up some leaves and let them dry.  Then spray paint the leaves and paint the pumpkin a different color then glue on the leaves.pumpkinflowers You can also use the pumpkins as planters for your mums!

It’s going to be a fun and beautiful fall season with these decorations!

Stay safe this hunting season

With the fall season right around the corner, comes hunting season! Statistics show that 12.5 million people over the age of 16 hunt annually. With this comes a great responsibility in making sure that the hunters are practicing safe hunting for the safety of themselves and other hunters out in the woods.

Rural King is proud to offer many different products that make everyone’s hunting trip a safer one and prove that a hunter’s responsibility is top priority!

Check out some of our safety products for your hunting season this year!

Hunter Safety Systems Tree Salker Harness

Hunter Safety Systems Tree Salker Harness

Hunter Safety Systems Tree Salker Harness

Hunter Safety System Rope-Style TreeStrap

Hunter Safety System Rope-Style TreeStrap

Hunter Safety System Rope-Style TreeStrap

Allen Co. Orange Hat and Vest Combo

Allen Co. Orange Hat and Vest Combo

Allen Co. Orange Hat and Vest Combo

Tree Spider Tree Strap for Safety Harness

Tree Spider Tree Strap for Safety Harness

Tree Spider Tree Strap for Safety Harness

Rural King offers a large variety of safety products for all ages of hunters! These are just a few of them that we carry. We invite you to search our site for all your hunting and hunting safety needs this hunting season!


Save Space and Have Fun Doing It

Are small paperclips, screws and other small items constantly in the way? Need a better organizational system but can’t seem to find one? You don’t have to suffer with discord in your home when you could create a special organizational system that involves storing your items in small jars that can be housed underneath your cabinets.

1. Locate an area in your home for your space saver set. Consider setting up your space saving jars in a laundry room or even the garage cabinets. You will be permanently adding this set to a cabinet so make sure you don’t damage expensive or new cabinetry.

  • Find a well-traveled area or an area that is easy to access.
  • Make sure the cabinets can support several mounted jars underneath. If the cabinets are damaged or have poor support, consider using a different cabinet.

2. Separate lids from each jar. You will be affixing the lids to the wooden block.

3.  Line wooden block with lids. Before you make it permanent, map out where each lid will go on the block. Make sure you have enough room to screw and unscrew each jar once the lids and system is put in place.

  • Trace each lid in the place so you can keep your map in place once you begin to glue the lids.

4.  Glue lids onto block. Add several dollops of glue to the top of the lid and then hold in place on wooden block.

  • Allow several hours or overnight to dry. While the glue will most likely hold in place within minutes but you will want to wait in order to ensure the lids don’t come unglued.

5.  Mount wooden block underneath the cabinet. Slather wood or industrial strength glue on the back of the wooden block. Working quickly affix the wooden block underneath the cabinet and hold in place.

  • You may need to hold block in place for several minutes to ensure it remains in place.
  • Consider purchasing or picking up a few wooden blocks that measure the width between your cabinet bottom and the countertop. Slide those blocks in place to hold the glued block in place and provide a lengthy dry time.

6.  Fill jars with items and screw in place. Once wooden block has completely dried, remove supports and use jar system as needed.

Items you will need:


Gorilla Wood Glue 8 oz. Bottle 6200002

SKU: 047960077

Ball, 1/2 Pint (8 oz), Regular Mouth, Mason Canning Jars, 12-Pack 60000

SKU: 001280052

How To Purchase and Use an eGift Card

How many of us have wondered why gift cards can not be used on Rural King’s website? We are pleased to present you with that option now! I am going to walk you through exactly how to purchase one of our eGift Cards, and also how to complete a purchase using one. These screens will all look familiar to you if you have ever made a purchase at

eGift card banner


Our eGift Card is the perfect gift for people that do not have a Rural King near them but would like to order online, holidays, birthdays, yourself, practically any occasion!

In order to purchase one of our new eGift Cards you will need to follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Log on to your favorite website
  • Step 2: Search for  “e-gift-card” in the box that says, “Search entire store here…” and you will be taken to this page.

eGift card purchase page

  • Step 3: Chose the amount that you want to purchase. Now go ahead and enter the information for the person you will be sending it to, even if it’s yourself. Finally click “ADD TO CART”.

eGift card in your cart

  • Step 4: Now you will proceed to checkout as you would a normal order.
  • Step 5: Sit back and relax, we will take care of delivering the gift card.

That’ll do it! You have now purchased your eGift card for the recipient of your choice!

In order to make a purchase using one of our new eGift Cards you will need to follow these simple steps

  • Step 1: Log on to your favorite website
  • Step 2: Add the items that you would like to purchase to your cart. When you have added the last item go ahead and stay in your cart.
  • Step 3: Scroll down to the part that says, “Gift Card” like you see below.

purchase with an eGift card

  • Step 4: Enter your gift card number. Don’t forget to enter the gift card’s pin!
  • Step 5: Click “Apply It”.
  • Step 6: We will subtract the value of the gift card from the balance of your order. If you still owe a difference on the order go ahead and proceed to checkout as you would a normal order.
  • Step 7: Sit back and relax, as we will process your order and have the items delivered to you.

That’s all that it will take to purchase an eGift Card, or to make a purchase with an eGift Card!

Please feel free to contact our customer service department via email at or by telephone at 1-800-561-1752. We are available 7 days a week for any questions, concerns, or issues.