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Fur-ocious Pet Costume Ideas for Your Four-Legged Friend

There is nothing cuter than seeing a pet dressed up as a cowboy or ninja turtle. Buying a pet costume online can be a bit pricey, and depending on your pet, it can be tough to find a size that fits comfortably. Never fear! Here are 5 DIY pet costumes just in time for Halloween.


#1. Cowboy/Cowgirl

dog cowboy     goat cowboy

This pet costume is for all the farmers out there! Dress your pet up like they’re straight out of the wild west. The only essential item for this costume is a cowboy/cowgirl hat, but you can also add a bandana, flannel or button up shirt, a toy revolver, and even boots (if your pet allows it). Any animal big or small can pull off this dusty, cowpoke look.

#2. Beanie Baby

beanie baby dog pet costume     

My dog absolutely hates hats, vests, shoes, and any other extra I try to put on him. If you have an animal that feels the same way, this Beanie Baby costume is the one for you. It’s very easy to make and your pet won’t feel constricted, which means they just might let you keep it on them all day

Art of Chelsey made things even easier by linking a printable tag on her blog.

#3. Ballerina


Any pet can be a beautiful dancer with this costume. Small tutus are fairly cheap, but if you have a larger animal, good luck finding something in your pet’s size. Luckily, you can make your own with an elastic band, ribbon, and tulle fabric.

Celebration Shoppe created an adorable candy corn tutu pet costume and included the steps on their blog.

#4. Wicked Witch

     witch cat

When it comes to pet costume ideas, it never hurts to stick to the basics. Plus, the only essential item is the hat, which is really easy to make for any sized pet by following this witch’s hat tutorial from Delia Creates.

#5. Circus Theme Pet Costume

     pet costume circus

The circus theme is a fan favorite for all animals. Whether you think your pet is best as a clown, ringleader, or the mighty lion, you are going to have a blast with this costume idea. You’ll need some fabric and some bright colors, but you can go absolutely wild with the design!

Pet-O-Ween & Chick or Treat

The pictures in this post were just a few of the stars of Rural King’s annual Pet-O-Ween and Chick or Treat pet costume contest. Pet-O-Ween for cats and dogs, and Chick or Treat for livestock and all other pets.

You can join in the fun this year by taking your pet to your local Rural King on Saturday, October 28th at 2pm. All participants receive a prize and the winners get free pet food!

Plus, if you are one of the individual store winners, you could win up to $500! Click on the links below for more info:

Pet-O-Ween & Chick or Treat


devil dog costume coffee dog costume

If you’re still looking for pet costume ideas or would just like to see more adorable pet costumes, make sure to check out Promika Pets‘ 31 Days of Pet Costumes. They are posting “pawsome” pet costume photos daily on their Facebook and Instagram pages.Start using #31DaysofPetCostumes for pictures of your own pet!

Start using #31DaysofPetCostumes for pictures of your own pet!

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Let us know what pet costumes you’ve been dying to try in the comments below, or if you have a picture of your pet all dressed up, post it on our Facebook page!