Play! Educational Games to Play With Your Dog!

Nothing can be more frustrating for both you and your dog than when you are trying to teach him/her while your dog only wants to play. But what if there was a way to do both at the same time, without your canine friend even realize there is training involved? Here are some games to do just that!

**Note: the below is a guest post from Kurgo**

Red Light Green Light

This nostalgic game with a twist will provide endless amounts of enjoyment to both the owner and the pooch. Have your dog sit down while you throw a Huck-it Horseshoe. Have your dog stay sitting until you say ‘Go’ or ‘Green Light’ then before your furry friend reaches the toy say the command ‘Stop’ or ‘Red Light’. This game tests your dog’s attention and obedience and helps to eliminate the struggle of getting the toy back from your dog while playing fetch.

Skills this game enhances: Attention, Communication, Reasoning, Fitness and Hunting

Skipping Stones

If we are being honest, while a dog never tires of the redundant game of fetch, the idea of throwing the ball again and again with the same result loses it’s appeal to dog owners. However, using a Skipping Stone allows water fetch to be both fun and entertaining to both parties! Aim for a surface of the water, toss the toy at an angle to see how many ‘skips’ you can get, then let your dog fetch it and bring it back to you. For additional fun, film you and your pooch playing and use #howmanyskips to virtually compete against other dog owners online.

Skills this game enhances: Fitness and Hunting

Blind Fetch

In a large yard or space, have your dog sit facing you watching the toy in your hand. Throw the toy behind your pooch but don’t allow him/her to chase it right away. Make your dog stay sitting until you say the command ‘Find it!’. This game works especially well with toys like the Wapple Ball, which will continue to roll after it has landed on the ground. For added measure you can pretend to throw the ball but if your dog jumps or moves to retrieve it, show them you still have the ball. Do not throw the ball until they have proven that they will stay sitting until you say the command word.

Skills this game enhances: Attention, Fitness, and Hunting

For more fun games you can play with your dog, download a free gamebook using dog toys.

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