Pop Corn Time!

Who Doesn’t just love fresh pop corn any time of year?


It’s the perfect snack! Great for late night movies, outdoor parties, or even just an afternoon snack. One thing I don’t like though is all the butter and salt on the pop corn you buy ready to pop at the store. But I love buying pop corn seed and cooking it in my popcorn cooker and experimenting with different seasonings. Have you ever tried Old Bay on your popcorn? Or freshly ground pepper? 😉

My favorite popcorn maker is the Stir Crazy 6 quart electric popcorn popper 82306. It reminds me of when I was little and every night I stayed with my grandparents my Grandad would make us fresh popcorn. I don’t know if the brand he had was Stir Crazy but I know it is the same style and works the same. Talk about a trip down Memory Lane!


So get yourself a popcorn maker and some popping corn like the Jolly Time yellow popcorn, 4 lb Bag -427 and pop away!

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